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Galaxy/Stock android on behold 2 - It flies!

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  1. kam187

    kam187 Well-Known Member



    Thanks to Mastermind278, droiddev, mobileband, My420Time, rkhalil2009, kam187

    (in no particular oder)

    Everything you need to do is in this first post. There's no need to read all the pages of this thread unless you want to.

    MrAndroid made a nice totorial here: http://www.myhangoutonline.com/2010/02/02/galaxy-firmware-on-behold-2/

    If you get stuck or mess up, you'll need to odin the stock firmware back - See the section at the bottom: How to Undo/return to the original firmware. This is a work in progress, and although everything we tested works, some stuff might not.

    Issues/Not Working:

    - to get adb to work after this is installed, you have to toggle usb debugging.
    - The standard android app is used for the camera. It works completly (ignore the firmware message) - working on porting the fancy behold one.
    - Vibration does not work


    ** You will need an external SD card - at least temporarily **

    You will need to unzip and copy all the files to your sdcard:


    EDIT: Use the system.img from this file instead - its the latest galaxy system.

    Now reboot your phone and adb shell in. You may need to disable mass
    storage mode and enable usb debugging.

    If you're sure all the files are in the right place, you can paste the commands in blocks. I have marked them block 1,2,3,4 etc. Just highlight everything in block 1 (including the # lines) and just paste it into your cmd window. Press enter a few times to check its finished and u get # back, and paste the next block. If you dont understand what I mean, just paste one line at a time.

    adb shell

    # ** BLOCK 1 **
    # Get Root
    cat /sdcard/try3 > /data/local/try3
    chmod 777 /data/local/try3
    /data/local/try3 /system/bin/sh

    # ** BLOCK 2 **
    # Remount system read write
    mount -o rw,remount /dev/st9 /system

    # Make Root persistant after restore
    cat /sdcard/try3 > /system/bin/try3
    chmod 777 /system/bin/try3

    # Copy unyaffs and busybox
    cat /sdcard/unyaffs > /data/local/unyaffs
    chmod 777 /data/local/unyaffs
    cat /sdcard/busybox > /system/bin/busybox

    chmod 4755 /system/bin/busybox
    /system/bin/busybox --install -s /system/bin/
    cd /system/bin
    busybox cp -s busybox cp

    # backup etc
    cd /system
    mv etc etc.b2
    mkdir libmodules.b2
    cp -pr libmodules/* libmodules.b2

    # remove behold apps etc and unyaffs galaxy ones
    rm -R app

    # ** BLOCK 3 **
    /data/local/unyaffs /sdcard/system

    # ** BLOCK 4 **
    rm -r etc
    mv etc.b2 etc

    cat /sdcard/busybox > /system/bin/busybox
    cd /system/bin
    busybox cp -s busybox cp

    cd /system

    cp -pr libmodules.b2/* libmodules

    cat /etc/AudioVolume.txt > /etc/AudioVolume.old
    cat /sdcard/AudioVolume.txt > /etc/AudioVolume.txt

    cat /system/bin/playlogo > /system/bin/playlogo_real
    /system/bin/chmod 0755 /system/bin/playlogo_real

    # Take care the following must be typed consecutively. I suggest u copy/paste it
    echo "#!/system/bin/sh
    /system/bin/try3 /system/bin/sh
    mount -o rw,remount /dev/st9 /system
    cat /system/bin/sh > /system/bin/su
    chmod 04755 /system/bin/su
    mount -o rw,remount rootfs /
    mkdir /data/dbdata
    mkdir /data/dbdata/databases
    mkdir /data/dbdata/databases/com.android.providers.media
    mkdir /data/dbdata/databases/com.android.providers.contacts
    chmod 777 /data/dbdata
    chmod 777 /data/dbdata/databases
    chmod 777 /data/dbdata/databases/com.android.providers.media
    chmod 777 /data/dbdata/databases/com.android.providers.contacts
    ln -s /data/dbdata /dbdata
    /system/bin/playlogo_real" > /system/bin/playlogo

    # finally reboot


    A Factory Reset is REQUIRED after this. Or it just wont work.

    Once you're done you should do 'Update1' from below to fix sending of MMS.


    To fix sending MMS use use this:


    Put the mms.apk in your adb folder then:

    adb shell

    cat /sdcard/try3 > /data/local/try3
    chmod 777 /data/local/try3
    /data/local/try3 /system/bin/sh
    mount -o rw,remount /dev/st9 /system
    rm /system/app/Mms.apk


    adb install Mms.apk

    How to Undo/return to the original firmware

    If you want to undo this you need to use odin to flash the original
    files. You can find tuorials in alot of places. The Flash files
    you'll need are here:

  2. kam187

    kam187 Well-Known Member

    I'm told wifi, gps etc everything works and its really fast :) But i dont have a behold2, so I have no idea how it really is. I hope it helps u guys.
  3. jazzedmurf

    jazzedmurf Well-Known Member

    If I get more courageous, I will attempt this. I am so tempted. Regardless, thank you so much for all your amazing work--to you and all those that helped along the way.

    Seriously, thanks.

  4. Mastermind278

    Mastermind278 Well-Known Member

    This is working amazingly except for the speakerphone! :)
    The camera does use the stock android (not as nice as the Samsung Behold2 camera, and gives firmware error, however it works).
    Thanks KAM!
  5. Just wanted to pop in and say this rocks! I am My420Time on IRC btw Kam. ;) If anyone needs help log on to IRC and join #behold2. Kam got this working on my phone earlier today and it freaking rocks. So far all that needs to be done is fix the camera(works fine, takes pictures) as it currently pops up saying wrong firmware version when started and to fix speaker phone but I am working on that right now.
  6. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Well-Known Member

    so what does this mean for behold 2 exactly?
  7. psychoace

    psychoace Well-Known Member

    Faster performance, more ram free'd up, and eventually Apps2SD, and hopefully zipalign.
  8. caffeinejunky

    caffeinejunky Member

    so theoretically, can we flash the galaxy bootloader with this method?
  9. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Well-Known Member

    ah very nice
  10. cleric

    cleric Member

    So I was able to install the galaxy rom just fine. So far it's amazingly fast.

    One thing I did notice (don't know if this is just my phone) is that the vibration doesn't seem to work. I tried turning on the vibration function on every setting menu I could find and not even incoming calls cause the phone to vibrate.
  11. mesovortex888

    mesovortex888 Active Member

    Got this fixed. Thanks Mastermind278 :)
  12. Mastermind278

    Mastermind278 Well-Known Member

    To get phone back to stock mode just put the phone in download mode and load the original odin files.
  13. kam187

    kam187 Well-Known Member

    In my rush yesterday i forgot to thank MobileBand and My420Time for their help yesterday :)

    RE the camera. The behold has newer firmware than the samsung. You should copy out the behold camera before the rm -R app:

    cd /system
    mv app/Camera.apk Camera.apk
    mv app/Camera.odex Camera.odex

    and right at the end

    cd /system
    rm app/Camera.apk
    rm app/Camera.odex
    mv Camera.apk app/Camera.apk
    mv Camera.odex app/Camera.odex

    Updated the first post. We really could shorten those instructions down, but i'm too tired to do it now :)
  14. mobileband

    mobileband Member

    At this point in time, no. We've had to retain the behold bootloader as the galaxy one won't boot the phone. As soon as the bootloader (and ultimately, the playlogo) execute, you're galaxy from there out.

    What it should mean is a more concerted effort into rom development since it overlaps quite a bit with the galaxy.

  15. =KLRS=ZERO

    =KLRS=ZERO Well-Known Member

    do i need root for this?
  16. yatimameiji

    yatimameiji Well-Known Member

    My congrats to those who got this to work, but I'll wait till 2.x comes out. I think thats when the real fun will begin.
  17. =KLRS=ZERO

    =KLRS=ZERO Well-Known Member

    and how do i "shell in"
  18. kam187

    kam187 Well-Known Member

    using adb! Google how to get adb working, or see the stikies in the samsung galaxy section.
  19. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Well-Known Member

    So does this also mean that we could port Android 2.0 eclair over since it has been done with the galaxy?
  20. kam187

    kam187 Well-Known Member

    Yes its possible. Someone really needs to pick this up, because i need to get moving on the 2.x porting :)
  21. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation VIP Member

    I want to jump on board but I'm kinda of weary of this.

    I guess I'll wait & see if it's really worth it.
  22. =KLRS=ZERO

    =KLRS=ZERO Well-Known Member

    definitely worth it! everything is a lot faster (even home replacements) i just downloaded 60 apps simultaneously. o_O:cool::cool::eek::eek::rolleyes::rolleyes::p;):D
  23. If you want to get on IRC I can walk you through it. If I am not busy I can even remote in and do it for you. #Behold2 on IRC and look for My420Time.
  24. kam187

    kam187 Well-Known Member

    Or click 'live chat' in the forum bar at the top and once you're in type:

    /j #behold2
  25. bukhsyed

    bukhsyed Member

    guy i just tried it and it is not working it is just giving the samsung logo again and again, now i tried the download mode and tried to flash the odin file but can anyone please guide me alittle bit more i dont know how to do it keeps giving error saying check image please can someone tell me how to make it work the stupid style:D

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