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Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 vs. Nexus 7General

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  1. MadBrown

    MadBrown Well-Known Member

    Anyone else perplexed by all the hype over the Nexus 7? I'm not saying it's a bad tab, but it's only $50 less than the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and sacrifices a MicroSD slot and back camera.

    Yes, it has Jellybean (which I'm sure the GT2 will get) and a quad-core processor...but other than that I'm just not seeing why everyone's going ga-ga over it.

  2. Skyroket

    Skyroket Well-Known Member

    Going ga-ga because it's 200 ga-gas
  3. ahaxton

    ahaxton Active Member

    It also has a higher resolution nicer screen. That's enough to turn my head.
  4. riznstar

    riznstar New Member

    But the Nexus has no sd slot, or cameras. I like scanning store bar codes.
    The Tab is for me. Tab prices will fall to match Nexus.
  5. Skyroket

    Skyroket Well-Known Member

    Nexus does have front facing camera and believe it is auto focused camera unlike tab 2 I don't know if developers will add support for it but for faster and easier bar code scanning you need to have auto focus and tab 2 does not have auto focus on neither of its 2 cameras.

    I remember trying it out bar code scanner application on ipoop 3g and didn't do well.
  6. Skyroket

    Skyroket Well-Known Member

    I can try to use bar code scanning on tab 2 and report back
  7. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    I'm not at all surprised about the success of the Nexus 7. I understand the hype around the very first Nexus tablet. Google priced it just right. It's missing a couple of things that some of us require such as a sd card slot and the back camera but it makes up for it by including a great processor, a brand new OS and a nice HD screen. So all in all, it's a great tablet to consider.
  8. Skyroket

    Skyroket Well-Known Member

    Bar code is not working on galaxy tab 2 7.0 I mean it works but it's hopeless
  9. azlen

    azlen Active Member

    Can you really see the difference between 1024 and 1200 resolution on a 7" screen? Seems like hype to me.
  10. HotRoderX

    HotRoderX Well-Known Member

    I agree Azlen completely with you on this.

    I remember reading a story a few years back that basically said its impossible to see a difference between 720p and 1080p on a screen smaller then 42inches. The human eye can only see so much detail.
  11. hadberz

    hadberz Active Member

    The hardware looks great for the Nexus 7, but no sd card slot means no sale for me. The card slot is a must for my needs.
  12. Skyroket

    Skyroket Well-Known Member

    Picked Nexus 7 today and compared it to tab 2. It is much faster. Everything loads so fast the pages and apps. The screen is amazing and colorful. And it is lighter ... feels really nice in hands.
  13. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Well-Known Member

    Not really sure why you are knocking the Nexus 7 for not having a back facing camera and no SD card, but say it only has a better processor, little bit higher resolution screen, the newest operating system, and is $50 dollars cheaper.

    I know a lot don't use the back facing camera on tablets but I always prefer it anyways and I do it agree it sucks about lack of SD slot.

    So for the price between the two I will take a better processor/screen/new OS over back facing camera on a tablet any day.

    Both are great tablets and cant go wrong with either one. I got to play with my brother-in-laws galaxy tab 2 today for a while and it is nice, not as fast as my Nexus 7 but I think it is because I have jellybean and he is on ICS.

    I don't like the fact that Samsung made it more like Gingerbread on theming part but that is how Samsung does it.

    Also I do love how little bezel was on the Galaxy tab compared to Nexus 7 and I am jealous about the SD card slot, but both have benefits.
  14. JiggyFly2o89

    JiggyFly2o89 Active Member

    Comparing the two side by side, the Nexus is a definite winner in speed. While I do wish the Nexus had the MicroSD, I could do without the back camera. It kills me when I see people holding humongous devices to take photos that would look better with a cell phone.
  15. Boo Boo

    Boo Boo Well-Known Member

    at least the nexus doesnt use the crap software called kies
  16. Skyroket

    Skyroket Well-Known Member

    i found a couple of advantages on TAB 2

    FIRST thing even though Nexus 7 has quad core cpu it's really bad in transcoding HD video. OMAP on tab 2 does it perfectly if you gonna watch MKV (MPEG4) then tab two is a winner!

    And second thing i dont know if it's advantage but anyway... it seems like google used project butter term for marketing purposes. It sure feels fast and smooth but only if you do something on your desktop.. like browsing application going to setting view pictures and etc . But when it comes to browsing the web which i think where the speed should matter it doesn't it loads and plays just like tab 2 or as fast as tab 2!

    I might gonna test them again but this time there will be tons of backround apps. I personally dont like to run too many apps in backround.. that's why i usually close them down before opening another application.. it's personal that's how i use my tablet. Some like to use home button iin stead of back and leaving apps running... i know OS will kill it anyway if it needs to but as i said its all about user.
  17. reyrios

    reyrios Member

    I haven't seen the Nexus 7 yet, but based on the specs, I rather keep the SGT 2 for several reasons:

    1) SD Card - i don't want everything on the cloud. Cloud won't help me when I want to watch a movie on the plane.
    2) IR Blaster - is a nice add-on. You could eventually control DSLRs cameras to trigger photos, etc...
    3) Landscape/Portrait Homescreen - I believe the Nexus doesn't do this. Yes, 7" are better in Portrait mode, but if i am typing is better in Landscape. Although, apps would turn into landscape, when you go home, you would have to turn it to portrait. Annoying.

    That being said, I would have prefer my SGT 2 to have a better front camera, no rear camera and of course, Jelly Bean. The rear camera sucks, but not as bad a the front camera (which is useless)
  18. designerbob

    designerbob Member

    Hello All

    Like everyone else, I was stuck between getting the Nexus 7 or the Galaxy Tab 2. I ended up initially getting the Nexus 7. Storage was not an issue as I mainly stream media from my home wifi or portable AirStash.

    My first one had the dreaded screen lifting issue - had that changed. The second one was ok, BUT, and it is a huge BUT when i tried to watch any films streamed from my AirStash they would only play for about 15-20 mins, then the video player would freeze, crash call it what you will, they just stopped playing. Tried many many different players, and they all stop playing at some point. (just in case people wanted to know - they were all encoded using H264 Handbrake high profile)

    I took that one back and decided to go for the Galaxy Tab 2 - what a good choice that was.

    Yes the screen resolution is slighly less - but lets face it on a 7" device you can't really notice the difference. The speed of the Nexus 7 was superb, but after the 4.0.4 update on the Tab 2 you can't notice the difference - and you have the benefit of the TouchWiz interface, which IMHO is not too bad.

    BUT the all important video playback is fantastic - does not stop - just plays all the time, which lets face it, is what you want :)

    So, am I pleased with going with the Galaxy Tab 2 - absolutely :)
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  19. rootbrain

    rootbrain Well-Known Member

    I bought both. Nexus 7 for me, tab 7.0 for my wife. I'm more of a techie and have my N7 rooted, hers will remain stock. The Nexus 7 has external storage via USB otg, so the no SD issue is a non issue IMO. I can use flash drives, card readers and even my myPassport hard drive..

    Got her the Sammy because it came with the dock, 8gb and I have several 16 and 32gb MICROS sitting around. She can use the dock to type out long emails and documents easier than on the soft keyboard.

    My N7 was $249 plus $11 shipping on pre order from Google hers I picked up at Costco for $239 plus tax total $260.35. So both were same cost almost exactly.

    Had none of the reported hardware problems reported on the N7. Both are quality devices and I think worth what I paid for each.

    Two different types of users two different use types. We're both happy. Plus hers is white and she likes that better than my black nexus.

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  20. Corki2

    Corki2 Well-Known Member

    I initially got the Nexus also. The screen lifted. I returned it and got the GT2 Student Edition. I'm glad now that the Nexus was defective. :)

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