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Galaxy Tab 2 App Monitor.Support

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  1. Cringles

    Cringles New Member

    Hey guys, recently I bought the Galaxy Tab 2. So far it's been fine until I added the application monitor widget to my home screen. Any time I see it highlight red, I go in to close the apps, but it's always the apps I'm using.

    So far the apps that take too much ram are are these, & this is just the average, is it normal?

    Chrome: 52.MB
    Facebook: 53.MB
    Dolphin HD browser: 80MB - 140MB < depending on the website.

    The CPU can get up to 12% on both browsers. Clearing the cache and stuff doesn't help much either.

    I'm just wondering is there any harm in apps running into the 'red'? or anyway to stop them using so much RAM? I'm not prepared to Root either.

  2. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    Hey Cringles, welcome to AF! I moved your thread into the Galaxy Tab 2 forum (You had it in the original tab forum ;) ) Thanks for understanding. :)

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