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Galaxy Tab 7 as a phone?

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  1. gus.ke

    gus.ke New Member

    Hey all,
    I am considering purchasing the 7-inch model of the Galaxy Tab to use as my primary cell device. I would be getting the European model, so whether or not I could use it for calls is not an issue. However, I am a bit concerned that carrying around such a bulky device and a bluetooth headset to boot would be a bit much. So the question is: Should I use it for calls? Has anyone tried this before? Does anyone who uses one of these on a regular basis have anything to say about its bulk?

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  2. GirlGoneGeek

    GirlGoneGeek Well-Known Member

    It's annoying as all-get-out when you use it as a handheld. With a headset or on speaker mode it's no problem for me at all.
  3. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    People where using bulky devices for phone calls for years.
    ...depends if one feels comfortable doing it now.

    Bluetooth headsets can be ok..
    ...again it depends if one feels comfortable using one of these.
  4. HamakiBCN

    HamakiBCN Active Member

    A few things to consider, since i've been using my Tab that way for a few months now.

    First, the bundled Samsung wired headphones are not to be ruled out that easily. They're pretty good actually, and pretty convenient for sending/recieving calls while listening to music or watching video without the hassle of pairing/unpairing the bluetooth headset.

    secondly, keep in mind, that you can make calls even without the bluetooth headset. worst case scenario, you'll look silly with a 7" tablet next to your ear, but it'll work. Best part is that loudspeakers are loud enough for hands-free operation -exceptionally useful at home-.

    Finally, if you're out and about with it, you'll need a case. Seriously. The back doesn't look that good after a couple of weeks if you don't. Samsung ones are pretty good, but if you're gonna add bulk, you may as well get a bluetooth keyboard case. Anyway, be warned that you'll have to carry a manpurse/backpack/briefcase at all times. This thing is definitely not pocket-friendly unless you have pretty enormous pockets, and even then it wheights twice as much as a regular smartphone.
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  5. Sonic77

    Sonic77 Active Member

    If you seldom use it as a phone it's fine.

    If possuble with your carrier get / keep a smaller phone as well and swap the sim when the tab is going to be too big.
  6. christianjanus

    christianjanus New Member

    I have been using the 7" model as a primary phone for a couple months now and it is not a problem. It fits in my Levi jeans front pocket when walking around and the back pocket is an even better fit for the tablet. I use a blue tooth headset with the ear hook and hook the earpiece to the collar of my t-shirts and hook it to the button hole on my polo type shirts. Very convenient.

    I am in the States and use T-mobile, so I can only get the EDGE network. 8-(
  7. harrydenwt

    harrydenwt New Member

    hey helllo i know about this ph. its really gud ph. dnt wory at all.
    you should buy buy it.its full loaded with features.
    its also good for calling and dont worry about handling it will be fit in your pocket easily.
  8. pieq314

    pieq314 Well-Known Member

    I use it as my primary phone. When I need a small phone, I just switch the SIM card back to my old phone.

    By the way, a large phone seems to be cool now, because an average phone is small.
  9. ShannonPricePhoto

    ShannonPricePhoto Active Member

    i use mine as a phone, When I leave the house, I turn on hot spot, giving my samsung captivate internet... then i have csiSimple. I can make and receive calls on either device then.

    as soon as i find a Bluetooth that works with the tab... i wont need the phone.
  10. YamaKing

    YamaKing Member

    I've been using the Tab now for the last 2 days as my primary phone. It works well as a phone without bluetooth headset. My friend was able to hear me clearly. I can put the tab down on the table and talk like that because the speaker is pretty darn loud. It's as if it's on speakerphone all the time.

    I will admit, after about 20 mins (I'm a guy) the phone was too big to hold next to my ear. I kept having to shift to my other hand to relieve the pressure. I talked to my friend for a good 45 mins and I wouldn't want to do this regularly.

    As a phone, it doesn't allow me to turn the tab on, go inside the menus and do other things like my Nexus One phone will (unless you have the screen timeout set for a really long time). In order to turn the screen back on, you have to press the 'Power' button which hangs up on the caller. This not a very user friendly feature.

    Sometimes I'll be making a call and I need access to the dialpad (like if I'm calling a 800 number). Well, if the screen times out before I can get to the dialpad, I'll have to hang up (disable screen timeout) and start over.
  11. oseloth

    oseloth New Member

    I have been using tab as phone without any problems. I have a bad that I usualy carry with me.full of stuff and there is perfect place in side the bag for him. I have bt headset in my.pockrt for taking calls. One bit of a probkem is dialing. I have to take tab oit from the bag make a cal and than retun it to the bag. But I was prepared to this so it is not a problem for me.
  12. toink

    toink Member

    im using mine as a phone, the only (slight) problem for me when somebody calls me, but that problem was solve using a bluetooth headset :) im loving my tab, and so far no problems for me :)
  13. gaugerer

    gaugerer Well-Known Member

    Mobile phones are becoming larger as people need the extra screen size to use the Internet without needing to re-orientate and zoom too much. The pocket-able limit is around 5.3 inches and the Galaxy Note with it's 1280*800 display combined with the precision stylus would probably be as good as a 7 inch tablet and I would recommend that.
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  14. rome36

    rome36 New Member

    hello everyone,,, i just bought galaxy 7 , wifi , 4g... how can i turm it to a call device ?? please help
  15. brianmcnutt

    brianmcnutt New Member

    Can I download Google Voice dialer on the galaxy 2 7.0 and use it as a phone without through WiFi.
  16. glussier

    glussier Member

    I use skype without a problem, so you should be able to use Google voice dialer.
  17. leejomaitri

    leejomaitri New Member

    i purchased tab last week, before buying i had the same doubt as you had but its perfectly fine to use as a phone. i use speaker phone while at home and bluetooth headset while travelling. it fits into my casual attires so no probs.
    need to have a good case and white colour would look good.
  18. OkeeChloe

    OkeeChloe Active Member

    What bt headset do you use my tab doesn't see the one I have?
  19. double b26

    double b26 Well-Known Member

    Ive been using my gt-p3100 (16gb 7" tab 2 with sim card slot) as my phone for about 5 months. Its great! Its also carrier unlocked, so im running a $50/month straight talk unlimited sim in it, which uses att network in my area.

    My tab has the dialer, sim card slot for gsm networks, a speaker for your ear, and a built in mic; so at the end of the day, it IS a phone... just big!

    I can fit the tab in my pockets, front or back, but it is a pocket-full, and not the lightest thing ive carried! I typically dont carry the phone/tab with me every time I go into a store or something.

    I have a Ram Mount for the vehicle, and a bluetooth-enabled head unit. So the tab goes in the mount, syncs up to the cd player for hands free calling and streaming music thru the car stereo.

    All in all, I love having the tab for a phone. EVERYTHING you do on a phone is easier on the large 7" screen. The only down side is that its not the most convenient thing to carry with you. But if you can bring yourself to part ways with your phone for short periods of time (like when running into a store), that slight inconvenience can easily be overcome. And when it comes to trying to drive while reading messages, or use gps navigation, etc, the large screen is a huge benefit!

    And on another note, it WILL start converstions with random people when they ask, "Is THAT a phone too?!" I tell everyone that im gonna start a trend with this thing! LOL

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