Galaxy Tab 7 plus on sale at Costco for $299 right nowGeneral

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  1. Fireplug

    Fireplug Member

    Sorry if this doesn't belong here but thought at this price point there might be a lot of interest. Sale ends March 17th

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  2. 40wnks

    40wnks Member

    Best Buy recently had it at that price also. Not sure if they still do.
  3. cutterjohn

    cutterjohn Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing that it's the new price or they're just clearing inventory possibly. They guy at the BB store where I bought mine mentioned that the 10" model was MUCH more popular(only a few local stores showed 7+ inventory the day I purchased), but oddly enough a few days later every freaking store reported inventory including a more conveniently located one.

    Anyways, I was pretty happy as until I saw this price I had been seriously debating between a Nook Tablet or a Kindle Fire but their various problems, old OS, and lack of features v. the 7+ for $100 more made it an obvious choice.

    (I have a 10" tablet, Viewsonic gTablet and really do NOT care for the 10" form factor at all. 7" I find to be perfect for web browsing etc. while still be usefully portable, but I also hankey for 4.3-5" for when I want truly pocketable/PDAlike, e.g. Archos A43IT or larger smartphones. Samsung Note is looking really interesting to me IF I decide to change cell carriers.)
  4. watox69

    watox69 Member

    I got my son a Galaxy 7+ at Fry's for $299 and received a $50 gift card it was
    a one day sale.:D
  5. Tab88

    Tab88 Member

    Bought mine from Amazon UK (the only place stocking it over here) - just converted the price to US dollars - $776.87!! :(

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