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Galaxy Tab 7 Plus, problemsSupport

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  1. forensic fox

    forensic fox Member

    I bought a new galaxy tab 7.0 plus 16gb from Best Buy and I'm loving it so far, but I have 2 little problems with it:

    1. Whenever I'm using headphones, I hear a faint 'hissing' sound (like white noise from a TV). The headphones are high quality (brainwavz m1 / soundmagic e30) and work fine with other devices, so the tablet seems to be the problem.

    2. The tablet gets very hot on the side with the microSD slot.

    Does anyone else have these problems? Should I try to get a replacement?

  2. forensic fox

    forensic fox Member

    also please post if you don't have the white noise problem
  3. vobguy

    vobguy Well-Known Member

    I have never used headphones so can't help you there. I have not had the heat problems you mention though.
  4. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    I have Canadian version of the GT7+ (no IR blaster) purchased from Best Buy.

    I have been using it quite a bit, hours on end, and have not noticed any heat problems. (But then I have not really noticed any heat problems with the new iPad either). My little LG phone sometimes gets warm with a lot of usage.

    I have not noticed any unusual hissing through my earbuds with either the music on or off. I say unusual because I listen to a lot of old music from the seventies and the original analog sources always had a slight hiss even after converted to digital CD's. But even some newer stuff sounds clean and clear. This is subjective. Perhaps you can take your headphones to Best buy and try listening to the same music source from the demo galaxy tab 7 + and see if you get the same result.
  5. jeeptrekker

    jeeptrekker Member

    My headphones sound fantastic with my 7.0, and even with very heavy usage I have not experienced the heat problem. However, here is a thread from others who are experiencing the heat issue: http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-tab-7-0-plus/453202-new-7-0-plus-gets-warm.html
  6. onebigunion

    onebigunion New Member

    What is the impedance of the headphones. Many electronic devices exhibit hiss with low impedance (less than roughly 32 ohms). I have no problem with Audeo PFE or Audio Technica AD900, I beleive both are 40 ohm. I doubt an exchange will solve the hiss issue, this exists even on many dedicated music players. Only solutions are different phones, different device, or put a resistor in series with your phones.
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  7. forensic fox

    forensic fox Member

    Thanks, this was the problem.
  8. Tootallll

    Tootallll Member

    I just picked up the SG7+ from Tmo. I was wondering the same thing about the heat issue. Mine gets very warm in the area you described also. Also notice the battery life is dismal...with screen brightness set on 95% I'm losing about 1% of battery life every 3-5 minutes of use...not streaming movies or music. The heat issue is what worries me...it seems excessive and I haven't even put it in a case yet. On a 1-10 scale with 10 being to hot to touch I'd say it was a 7.
  9. suemoon79

    suemoon79 New Member

    I bought a samsung galaxy tablet 7inch yesterday and cant download aps from play store, i can buy from samsung apps but when downloading from the store it gives me error code 101, have tried deleting my gmail account twice and it still doesnt work. Please help :-(
  10. 2ndaccord

    2ndaccord Well-Known Member

    Try a factory reset. That will cure most issues most of the time. Also download Samsung lies and make sure u are on the latest firmware.

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