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Galaxy Tab 8.9General

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  1. slbailey1

    slbailey1 Well-Known Member

    Will the Galaxy Tab 8.9 be released this month (June)?

  2. Soundchasr

    Soundchasr Well-Known Member

    That is a definite maybe. All I've seen is that it's "after" 10.1.
  3. badankles

    badankles Well-Known Member

  4. slbailey1

    slbailey1 Well-Known Member

    I did not wait for the 8.9 Tab. I actually purchased the 7" Verizon Galaxy Tab same day I posted the orginal question after work. I really, really love my Tab and 7" is the perfect size for me!!! Now, I'm hoping that my tab get Honeycomb 3.2; if not that, Gingerbread.
  5. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    any word on the 8.9?? sounds like it would be the perfect size
  6. badankles

    badankles Well-Known Member

    @samsungmobileus tweeted today "We're giving #blogher11 attendees a sneak peak of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 -come by #samsungbh Recharge Lounge 8/5 5-6pm. We'll have drinks too!"
  7. Taylored

    Taylored Well-Known Member

  8. Taylored

    Taylored Well-Known Member

  9. eelpout

    eelpout Member

    I was just in Seoul last week and hoped to catch a glimpse of an 8.9 somewhere, but alas, no. There were 10.1 kiosks and booths galore at the Coex mall we were staying near, but no mention of the 8.9. The booth kiddies didn't want to talk about it either (doubt they knew anything anyway).

    I think it's going to be a while. :(
  10. kpucci

    kpucci Member

    Any confirmation as to whether the 8.9 will have sd slot? I have seen reports of both. From what I gather, the wifi only version will not, but the 4g+wifi will? I can seem to find any firm specs from samsung either.
  11. badankles

    badankles Well-Known Member

  12. RajCaj

    RajCaj Well-Known Member

    Someone help me out on why Samsung is releasing 3 different sizes of (for the most part) the same device?

    I get the 10.1 Tab. It competes directly with iPad2. The spec & size are very similar and should generally have the same audience.

    I also get releasing a 7" Tab. There may be a niche market of folks that find the standard sized tablet / pad to be too big.....yet their phone's screen is too small. A 7" Tab fits perfect.

    What I don't get is releasing the 8.9" Tab with nothing other to offer than a middle of the road screen size. What audience does this play to? Is there another niche market of folks that find the 7" Tab too small but the 10.1 Tab too big?

    How big is this market, and does it justify all the additional cost of parts, labor, manufacturing, and overhead?
  13. Spewy

    Spewy Well-Known Member

    I for one am keen on the 8.9, to me it is the perfect size, I have the 10.1 which is great but imo just a touch on the large side, the table 7 is just a touch on the small side so the 8.9 is going to be perfect. I think Samsung realise that there is a large market for this size and I think a lot of manufacturers will follow suit.
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  14. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    ^ +1
    I agree completely
  15. badankles

    badankles Well-Known Member

    Choices are a good thing. That's why most of us prefer Android over certain other OS.
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  16. RajCaj

    RajCaj Well-Known Member

    Understood....then why make the 7" ?

    As I said, I get there is a market for full sized tablets / pads. I also get that there is the audience that feels the full sized tablets / pads are too big, but their 3.5-4.5" phone screen is a little too small.

    But why split the market again at 8.9 if you've already put out a 7" to hit the "in between" market? Would you expect Samsung to maintain the 7" & 8.9" ?

    It's fine and all to say that "choices" are a good thing....but there are consequences (just like with everything else) of having too many choices.

    From Samsung's perspective.....why fragment your audience more than needed? ESPECIALLY in the Android Market, why further increase fragmentation?

    Will it release with Honeycomb or Gingerbread?

    Will it have the 1.5 Ghz Dual core, or will it have the 1.0?

    How does this play with developers?
  17. RajCaj

    RajCaj Well-Known Member

    Looks like Sammy is keeping the 7" tablet and is releasing a Super AMOLED version Q4 2011.
  18. rangerfan94

    rangerfan94 Member

    Does anyone know how long Samsung USA has had the Tab 8.9 page on their web site? I saw it a couple of days ago. It says "Coming Soon." It's for the 16 and 32 GB wifi only variants. Be glad when this thing finally lands here in the US.

  19. RajCaj

    RajCaj Well-Known Member

    I'd expect a mid Q4 release...

    The NEW 7" Tab is expected to release late Q4....and I think the 8.9 is due before that.
  20. antnyp85

    antnyp85 Well-Known Member

    Not sure if anyone else had noticed, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is now showing up on Best Buy's website for Pre-Order. Does not say when it will be available.
  21. antnyp85

    antnyp85 Well-Known Member

    Well, returned the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that I had purchased, and asked the Best Buy associate when they would have the Galaxy Tab 8.9, and he said they were in stock... I walked out with a new shiny 16 GB Galaxy Tab 8.9 today :) They only had the 16GB and not the 32GB... Loving it so far, buttttt I was very disappointed that Netflix isn't working on it!! It's not showing up in the market, and I tried sideloading it, but it won't actually play movies even though it displays my queue... Other than that, I love the feel of this one... So much more portable than the 10.1 version.
  22. Fred Bassett

    Fred Bassett Well-Known Member

    any ideas if the 8.9 now plays netflix ok?
  23. Riche101

    Riche101 VIP Member VIP Member

    Yes it's fine
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