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    It took a while, but my friend went to the shop where i bought the case. He lives in Dubai and only visits Muscat every other week or so.

    .. So he went to the samsung shop to ask for the item number, but they didn't know... The packaging only says Samsung Galaxy Tab and a barcode. It looks like i bought a prerelease version or something like that, because the clerk couldn't find it in his computer system anymore.
    Sorry i couldn't be of any more help.. :eek:
    Maybe it'll show up in a store somewhere again. In the mean time i'm pretty happy with my case!
  5. Guitar4him

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  6. Pertinax

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    I have the Sprint case and it's OK. What I would really like is something that protects the screen when closed and has a fold out bluetooth keyboard in it. I use mine in meetings to take notes but sometimes I can't keep up.
  7. cbb77

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    I'm still searching for the perfect case. In the meantime I picked up the quick and cheap ereader pouch. Fits the Tab great. Got it at Walmart for $14.


  8. bryanc1

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    I did a double take on the one that stands up the Tab in the portrait mode but then automatically realized you won't be able to charge it standing up like that. Just a thought.

    I picked this one up when I bought mine, from Verizon.

    Scosche Release Cases for Galaxy Tab | GottaBeMobile

    The one that they have at the Verizon store. Just like this.


    I also picked up the Siig Ipad windshield mount from Fry's electronics too. It's not just for the Ipad and works on the Tab. Problem is, I have to take it out of this case before using it. So day to day is out, but long trips it is ideal.

  9. cbb77

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  10. capese21

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    Try Noreve. High Quality leatehr cases. The Tab fits in with nothing covering the sides of the screen. Totally reccomend this case. Expensive but worth it.
  11. Beards

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  12. Matty Mo

    Matty Mo Well-Known Member

    I just bought the ROOCASE from amazon looks like the body glove one above from Amazon for $13 and i love it. I recommend it to everyone!
  13. goomar

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    I am in the UK and have a galaxy tab, I bought a samsung case that makes into a stand, it is good however I ordered another bag/case from Fabric & Handle in Thailand, the case is perfect for me, it provides protection if the tab is put in a bag, can be fixed to your waist or over your shoulder using the 2 supplied straps. The only fixing it does not appear to do is a free-standing stand! If you take your tab with you and intend to keep it I recommend this as the best that is available at present.
  14. motoconvert

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    Yep...I bought the body glove one today at wal-mart. I just needed something to protect it while it was in my bag...very good deal I thought!
  15. gadzooks

    gadzooks Well-Known Member

    Another happy Noreve case owner here, echoing exceptional quality and usability of Tab contained therein.

    I'm in USA, and shipping added approx $20. My choice was in stock and arrived in about a week. Good e-mail notifications, including tracking link, got to watch it go through all the places I'd rather be.
  16. Jore

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    Does anyone use the Otterbox case for the Tab? I'm been debating on getting it but wasn't sure about spending $70. I currently use the OEM leather case, the only thing I hate about it is it doesn't have a cut-out for the rear camera. Plus this was the only case available at the time as I bought the Tab at release. I also was wondering if the Tab was easy to remove from the Otterbox case.

    If anyone currently uses this case, please let me know how its working for you.
  17. dan_in_sd

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    @binaryhellstorm. Last weekend my wife bought me the Platinum SGA50GB case at Best Buy. Just like the one in the pictures you posted. So far I like it. But ive only been using it for a few days. I like the magnetic snaps. And all the holes are nicely positioned for the front and rear facing cameras.
    My only gripe, which is pretty much the same as yours, is that the area around the USB connector could have been made about 3 mm. wider on the left side which would make the connector fit better. I intend to fix it myself with an Exacto knife. :)
  18. Sonic77

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    Anyone in Canada looking for the Platinum SGA50GB case I have one,
    never been used. Just like the one pictured a few posts above.

    Can only buy them in the US as far as I know and its IMO the nicest case for the Tab,
    but I returned by Tab before the case was delivered from the US.

    Just PM, have a car charger and screen protectors too. Be happy to give you a package price.
  19. binaryhellstorm

    binaryhellstorm Well-Known Member

    Yeah I was tempted to do that as well.
    Ii actually found this case and I am thinking about getting it and giving it a shot:
    It has an integrated Bluetooth keyboard.

    The only thing that I notice is how big the border is, I assume that they took an iPad case and keyboard setup and just changed the top holster part to accommodated the Tab.
  20. Beards

    Beards Well-Known Member

    Any UK users interested in this case, Mobilefun have it marked as in stock for
  21. BubbaHotepUK

    BubbaHotepUK Well-Known Member

    Yes, I bought one and apart from the price, am quite pleased. Took it on holiday for 2 weeks and it worked flawlessly and the keyboard didn't even need a recharge (it's charged from micro-usb, by the way).

    MobileFun's version has a UK BT keyboard, it paired as per instructions first time and remembered the pairing. It's quick to type on, has the 4 Android special keys, the only problem being the Home key; if you press & hold to get the task manager up, as soon as you release the Home key the task manager then disappears. This is the only quirk I've found.

    The case isn't as sturdy as the official Samsung case, and it's about an inch larger diagonally but seems like it will last a while and the fold out back is a real boon for watching movies on flights.
  22. WhiteSquare

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    Wait a sec. My Galaxy Tab does not have any kind of plug in except for the charging outlet. How are you charging yours with the micro-usb?
  23. BubbaHotepUK

    BubbaHotepUK Well-Known Member

    Should've made it clearer, the keyboard charges from micro-usb, not the Tab.
  24. vince_junior

    vince_junior Well-Known Member

    anyone in the philippines who can recommend me a quality leather case with kick stand and where to get it?

  25. snissenbaum

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