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galaxy tab i800 possibly bricked?

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  1. Stevens

    Stevens Member

    i dont know if i m in the right place or not but i have finally reached a brick wall i cant work my way around. So ill serve up the full story best as i can with a bit of hope that theres somthing i can do with what i have here.

    you guys have always had the answers in the past but this time....

    i have an i800 with firmware dj11 supposed to be on it.

    i have been told it was flashed with the firmware located here :

    Verizon-GTab-Stock.zip - 4shared.com - download

    not only was it flashed with what i think is the wrong firmware, but i think it was flashed wrong as well, with every checkmark in heimdall selected accept for the pit file... :confused:

    the tab is 100% unresponsive and will not show up under device manager or anything, i have attempted every combination of button presses that i can imagine to no avail.

    i have left it plugged in for hours and left the battery out for days. i get NO response of any kind no matter what combination of power on method or connect to pc technique i use

    how can i get the tab into download mode without sending it off for an un-brickable mod?

    how can i use a jig when it uses a non standard connection port (Samsung proprietary)

  2. Stevens

    Stevens Member

    not one answer....
  3. Silvertag

    Silvertag Well-Known Member

    Wrong forum, This is the Captivate SGH-i89x phone forum not a tablet forum. I don't think many Captivate users have a i800 Tablet and forum is pretty much dead since the phone has been out for almost 2y.

    Looks like you dove too fast into the world of flashing.. Go read some Galaxy tab forum on the subject. Sorry to sound rude i'm really not, but you need to focus your attention on the correct forums to get that tablet back on track.


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