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  1. wizzkid8

    wizzkid8 Member


    I have Galaxy Tab 16G (P1010)

    Task Manager > Summary > On Storage, it shows
    Program 309MB/1.87GB
    Personal Data 7.06MB/69.77MB
    Internal Memory 148MB/12.73GB

    (1) Does it mean I can install worth of 1.87GB of application only? I cannot go beyond that?

    (2) Personal Data contains what data?

    Is the Program, Personal Data, Internet Memory is some kind of partition on the flash drive?

    (3) If I install application via market or I manually download a .apk file, where it goes if I install it (program or internet memory) ?


  2. Samifon

    Samifon New Member

    You can add in a extra 16 gb micro sd card.Did you mean 11.87 gb?
  3. tanabe

    tanabe Well-Known Member

    i need help too, if someone could explain what these 'memories' mean that will be great :)

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