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Galaxy W faulty batch?Support

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  1. strangedays

    strangedays Member

    I just convinced my wife to get a W after my experience with the S2 being very good.

    Bad idea!

    The phone has gone crazy in less than a few days. It will start to force close everything and the only way is to force shutdown and sometimes take the battery out.

    Shes almost hit me with it as the clock app does not sound the alarm in the morning as its filled with force close MSGs.

    We had put a few apps on it and I've removed them, funny thing is to remove them after the sytem crashes you have to restart as the whole OS starts shutting down.

    I have uninstalled all apps. Most apps were in the top market apps including facebook and hotmail. Removing all of them does not seem to have helped.

    I can't believe its apps causing this anymore so I feel it must be hardware. Are there any known issues with the W?

    (on O2)

    2.3.6 - as installed, no updates.

  2. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    strangely i too have an s2 and convinced my fiancee to get the galaxy w just yeserday... all seemed fine untill this morning when after leaving her phone for any length of time she starts getting force close messages...

    im going to search for any more people who have had this problem but may have to admit defeat and send it back to o2 for repair...

    will let you know if anything else happens..
  3. strangedays

    strangedays Member

    sounds like somethings up.....
  4. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    there is another post that seems to highlight the same problems... thing is when ya take it back they just send the phone away to reset it and if it doesnt work then they will do it again before giving a new handset.

    ive had problems with my s2.... restarts itself randomly (not done it for a wee while now) and reminders (tasks or calander) dont notify me and if they do it is several hours later than they had beeb set for!
  5. mscoolicemui

    mscoolicemui New Member

    I just got a galaxy w and I have exactly the same problems with you! the alarm is driving me crazy! it won't sound sometimes even after I set and keep force close when I want to edit the alarm!...I don't know what to do with it....someone tell me?
  6. Bladesfan

    Bladesfan Member

    Ive just bought this phone yesterday (first ever android), im used to iphones. Ive not got this error message yet and hope i dont. On the iphone if i double click the menu button it brings a little bar up with all the apps ive fecently used which are running in the background, they say closing these down helps battery and stops phone from being slow. Does my new samsung have a similar thing? Thanks
  7. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    of tou press and hold the hone button it will bring up the previous 6 apps visited. however there is no way to stop it from remembering where you have been. that i know of atleast.lol
  8. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    If you long press the bottom centre button, it will bring up a panel showing recent apps. You can select any of these.

    Also, Android does not need you to close background apps to recover RAM.....it does this itself!!!

    However, you could use V6 TurboCharger for much better memory management.

    Check it out on XDA......

    Or, you could use Ram Manager, from Market.
  9. pal8311

    pal8311 New Member

    I am new to android and dont know much about its technical side. I have been using Nokia smart phone till now and my experience was not bad except for some areas. Now I have got a samsung galaxy W, keeping in mind that it has a 1.5 ghz processor and 512 ram with android OS upgradeable to ICS.

    But strangely I am not impressed or satisfied by this phone's performance.

    1) This phone was working very well for the first few days but now it lags while opening simple user options, like sms, contact etc. It take a certain time of 5 to 6 secs to open these things. Whats the reason?

    2) When ever i download some pictures from net or from MMS, then it not shown in the gallery automatically and i have to restart the phone to see these photo in the gallery. Till then these photos are stored in downloads folder? Why is that so? Is that a bug?

    3) By great difficulty i have set my phones APN or MSS/Internet settings and got it working but now each time i allow usage of packet data it keeps connecting to the internet with out my permission. Apparently there is no app using internet, then why the phone is connected to the internet using my sim????

    4) MMS service in this phone or in android is pathetic. You have to manually download each and every mms you receive and ironically they don't download even after trying 10 to 15 times. mean while all of your balance is used in automatically connected internet? In nokia C-7 I used to send a bulk of mms in a day and was not charged a single Rupee other than my regular charges? Does nokia have a special protocol for mms or is android phone so dumb to have that function?

    5) Touch of samsung galaxy w is substantially poorer than nokia c-7 as i have to literally touch harder to open and app or end/dial a call. Whats the problem with this phone?

    6) I am using Zong sim and Samsung galaxy W will not allow me to use telenor or any other telephony companies sim until and unless i upgrade this phone to newer version of software. WHY????

    7) Brightness on this phone keeps adjusting itself from 100 % to 0% on its own, regardless of in which light condition i am in and it doesn't matter If i am using a power saving option or not?

    Have any one else faced the same problems? Any solution found? Pl share? If these problems persisted then i would be among the many other people who are stuck with this phone and will be hating android
    . :mad:
  10. queeni

    queeni Well-Known Member

    I have my galaxy W for 3 days, and I don
  11. Nilli

    Nilli New Member

    I have a 1 week old Samsung Galaxy W.
    It works great (though i can be too fast for it sometimes...:rolleyes:)

    Today the alarm didn't go off. I set it correctly, the volume was set - there shouldn't have been a problem. I tried to set new alarms and realized, it did go off, though there was no sound.
    After lots of checking ups, including using this forum, installing Advanced Task Killer and alarm clock app (i used the default app) - which didn't help, i turned the phone off.
    SHould say that in addition to the alarm, i didn't get sound alerts for WhatsApp. massages.

    Now it's working. :)

    I was wondering if someone knows why it happened, how can i prevent it, and WHY did it happen in a new phone?

    Another question is -
    Is it possible that the alarm won't go off when the phone is off?
    Thanks for your help :cool:
  12. queeni

    queeni Well-Known Member

    you did not forget to set "name of the day" ?? once I did :) :)

    when the phone is off? do you mean ?? closed ??

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