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  1. Dottykc

    Dottykc New Member

    Please does anyone know how to assign a text tone to individual contacts? I have had my phone a week. I am not thick but cannot seem to find out how to do this! Have conquered the ringtones.... simplle but not the text tones. I would be very very grateful if someone could please put me out of my misery! My friend got her phone at the same as mine and says shes managed to do it on hers though she cannot remember how!!!!

    many thanks:confused:

  2. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator


    First off, welcome to the AndroidForums :).

    Secondly, I've moved your thread to the general Galaxy Wonder GT forum instead of the all-things-root sub-forum.

    I'm not sure about the answer to your question, though...I've never done that to my phone.

    You could also post something in the Android Lounge if you don't get any response here (I see that this is kind of a low-volume forum at the moment).

    Cheers and good luck!
  3. vicmitch

    vicmitch New Member

    i woul also like 2 know this
  4. CullyJoker

    CullyJoker Member

    Copy the audio file (Mp3, ogg etc) to \media\audio\notifications on your phone (not the SD card)

    Then go to messaging and hit menu button and select settings.
    Right at the bottom in "notification settings" tick notifications on then "select ringtone", you should find your ringtone in the list.
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  5. Salforal

    Salforal New Member

    Hi, where is that folder and how do I access it?

  6. CullyJoker

    CullyJoker Member

    There are several ways of doing this but probably the simplest is via Kies Air.

    Open up a connection to your phone over the wifi via Kies Air.

    From the left hand side menu, double click "File Explorer"
    Should look like:

    Double ckick "media" , then "audio" then "notifications"

    Click "upload" and select the file you wish to upload as a notification ringtone.

    Now close down Kies Air on Phone and PC

    On phone select "messages" and make sure you are at the top lovel (i.e. where you see alist of the people you have recently texted.
    press menu button
    select "settings"
    scrol to bottom and make sure there is a tick next to "notifications"
    select "select ringtone" and in the list you should see the file you have just uploaded.
    select it and that should be your new text message notification sound..

    Hope this has been of help.

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  7. Sues2009

    Sues2009 New Member

    Thank you for all your really helpful information. I have uploaded mp3s to my phone and use them for ringtones but I cannot get any of them to show in the "Notification Ringtone" list so that I can use them. All that shows in there are the ones already in there from Samsung! I just want to hear when I receive a text.

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