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  1. imtiazshah

    imtiazshah New Member

    Whenever I send long text message my Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS convert it MMS. Is there any solution of this problem? Plz HELP!

  2. jeradparker

    jeradparker New Member

    I wonder that how this is happening. Imtiazshah I would suggest first you check your settings and just see that whether you are sending the messages properly.
  3. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Just to let you know that I've moved this thread to its correct forum for some responses. :)
  4. metalhead6387

    metalhead6387 New Member

    download and install HANDCENT SMS app or GO SMS PRO app. use these instead of ur stock sms app and your problem is solved.
  5. androidtester3

    androidtester3 Active Member

    i will suggest off data connection means net connection then send to text sms,let me know what's happen ?
  6. kevindroid

    kevindroid Well-Known Member

    go sms pro allows many arrangements to be used
  7. xavierhgt

    xavierhgt Member

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