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  1. Marvthemarv

    Marvthemarv New Member

    Hi, i have read other problem regarding the galaxy y won't start, that it keep rebooting with the samsung logo appears on and on. However, i did not find any solution. My problem is slightly different. My son was playing game, my phone memory was full, i have not delete app to make more space, suddenly it opened the internet browser, though i am sure my son did not do it, because i tried to gt out to main menu and it went to main menu but then i was unable to click anything, and it keep opening browser and said no connection (i have no data plan anyway), then i tried rebooting it, thus my problem, it keep rebooting. And at one moment it says if i want to install a modified os i should hit volume up if i don't hit volume down. I have not install any os modifying app though. Then it keep rebooting for hours.

    Anyone can help?

    Many thanks

  2. Just go to my profile and go to my topics u will sre how to flash ur sgy using odin dis will help.. for sure :))
    that problem is called bootloop :)
  3. Marvthemarv

    Marvthemarv New Member

    Many thanks. Hope to fix it soon. God bless
  4. emmil

    emmil New Member

    hey we have the same problem.. have you fixed it already?? please help me.. how did you fix it??
  5. Just go to my profile and go to my topics u will sre how to flash ur sgy using odin dis will help.. for sure :))
  6. vonchi182

    vonchi182 Well-Known Member

    as long as u can go to stock recovery pls dnt do a flash via odin.

    you can go to recovery by pressing volume up, power button ang home button at the same time... in recovery just do a wipe data/ reset (use volume keys to scroll and home button to select cuz touchscreens wont work). then press yes. and reboot system.

    flashing via odin will be ur last option. thats if u cant access recovery or u have softbricked ur device.
  7. MegalodonIII

    MegalodonIII New Member

    Hello :D. I need help. im currently having the same problem but i think it may have been the effect of me trying to open the internal memory and replace the samsung anim.
    My galaxy y keeps restarting ( samsung anim over and over ). i wanted to replace the anim so i used ES explorer but unfortunately i moved all the files under system/media and in to system of the internal phone memory. I think i might have moved some important start up files. please help me :(
    thank u
  8. dd250896

    dd250896 New Member

    hello i need help my galaxy y it wont starts and rebooting with a samsung logo on and on and going on to the recovery mode. in recovery mode system reboot now is not working what is the problem please help me
    Thank you
  9. MegalodonIII

    MegalodonIII New Member

    OH me too.
    my phone wont start it just shows the samsung logo over and over.
  10. bernrom

    bernrom New Member

    same as mine keep on rebooting and when i update the its ok and when i reboot it it appears error rebooting...can somebody help me on this matter?
  11. Subhinav

    Subhinav New Member

    I toooo have the same problem in my Samsung Galaxy y S5360...It keeps on rebooting continuosly after i tried to update Jellybean4.1 in it.....
    Please somebody help me!!!
    Still not got it right....:-(

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