galaxy y s5360 Phone stuck on Samsung Logo after trying Creed ROM ! Help Needed

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  1. alchen24

    alchen24 New Member

    i really need your help plss...

    i tried to install this creed rom but it failed. after that my phone is broken it stuck in the samsung logo again and again.. help me how to fix this.. help me pls pls :'(

  2. Paras Salot

    Paras Salot Member

  3. alchen24

    alchen24 New Member

    can you give me a detailed instructions? i dont know how to do it.
  4. emjimadhu

    emjimadhu Active Member

    the rom installed successfully right?? if yes. then wipe data and cache after installing the rom... hope it will help... if not try clearing dalvik using cwm...
  5. JBongz

    JBongz New Member

    I think you just Bricked your phone.. that's actually happening to me right now, so I'm following this thread I wish it works for me as well as i must work for you also... Pray for me my friend
  6. nightwing90

    nightwing90 Well-Known Member

    AVOID THE CREED ROM....The LAST Version on Creed was 3.5 which consist of many BUGS...Also another thing is CREEDS already left GALAXY Y due to some reason btw DEV...So either Try JELLYBLAST or HYPERION ROM...The Best GALAXY Y ROM TILL DATE.....

    So Kindly Consider My Effort By Helping u Guys & Don't Forget 2 Press Thanks!!!

    No Need 2 Say Thanks!!! Just Press It.
    it costs only 2 joules of energy and movement of arm muscles.;)
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  7. Prateek_Pandey

    Prateek_Pandey New Member

    please help me i installed xtreme fusion rom and my phone(samsung galaxy y gts5360)is suffering from boot loop . i am stuck on the samsung galaxy y gts5360 logo...
    plese helllppp me out of this plese....
    if possible upload a video on this or provide the links of the file needed....
    i will be thankful to you....

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