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Support GalaxyS on Android2.1 update to 2.2 OR need flash update/fix

  1. Jalanda

    Jalanda New Member

    Hey all,

    I've tried google and usually can solve that way but this one has me stumped.

    My workmate has a Samsung Galaxy S on Android 2.1 and she can't watch any youtube as the flash player needs updating to 10.1. The only problem is the flash player won't update as she is on 2.1 and flash 10.1 wants android 2.2.

    Help! Is there a way to update flash without having to go through the whole android update rigmarole? and if not... how risky is an android update? I don't want to ruin her phone and have read that it can.

    Any advice at all will be much appreciated.

    - Jalanda

  2. rayhipkiss

    rayhipkiss Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, your friend will have to upgrade Android to 2.2 or 2.3 in order to use full Flash (currently at version 11).

    There is always a risk of ruining a phone when upgrading the Firmware but if the correct procedure is performed the risks are significantly reduced. The benefits of upgrading far outweigh the very small risk involved.


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