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  1. rapidsandroid

    rapidsandroid Well-Known Member

    How do I get the Galaxy S3 to remember to only view certain albums when launching Gallery?
    I went into Gallery, View By, Content in device, but every time I leave Gallery it returns right back to All Content. I like they integrated Google+ and Facebook photos, but it is annoying when I just want to see my camera shots.

  2. Optimus Prune

    Optimus Prune Well-Known Member

    Never found a way for Gallery to do it, myself. I use Quick Pic as a replacement for the stock Gallery app. Quick Pic has that functionality. You can hide and exclude folders with pictures you don't want to see.
  3. rapidsandroid

    rapidsandroid Well-Known Member

    Thanks, but will hold out to see if someone else has a fix but will look into Quick Pic as an alternative. Just frustrating they have the option in viewing but the phone won't remember my preference.
  4. gabquintero09

    gabquintero09 Well-Known Member

    You won't find one buddy.. I started a topic like this a while back because of all the "SHARED FOLDERS" my phone picks up, lagging my in phone pictures.
  5. rapidsandroid

    rapidsandroid Well-Known Member

    The only work-around I could find was to unsync my picasa & Google+ photos in accounts. Pity Samsung didn't put more effort into making the Gallery more user friendly.

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