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  1. millcityfury

    millcityfury Member

    Im updated to 2.3.6. I have ff27 baseband and build with root. My wifi works fine. I do however have a problem ever since the update. My photo gallery is now distorted/blurry. and when i view a single pic the bottom where the delete, share etc. buttons are is all whited out. everything is all choppy. Anybody know anything about this and how I can fix it. I use my camera alot. I dont think its the actual camera causing the problem because Instagram and FB camera works fine. Plus all the pics I took before the update arent blurry when i view them. But the share/delete buttons are still whited out. When i take a pic with my stock cam and view the pic it is blurry.Thanks

  2. mydian

    mydian Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure why you're having that problem but the stock gallery app is pretty bad. Try downloading "Quickpic" from the Android Play Store. It's way better than the stock gallery and included in a lot of custom roms. See if that works.
  3. millcityfury

    millcityfury Member

    K that fixed the white outs when viewing pics thanks. But my stock camera is still taking blurry pics with the stock camera app ever since the update. Is their a better camera app that will still allow me to use my camera button to take a pic?
  4. millcityfury

    millcityfury Member

    nevermind. its working. it was the gallery.. whenever i viewed a recently taken pic it was blurry. but not with quickpic set as my default viewer. Thanks a bunch

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