Gallery issues. File/Folder management.

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  1. aaronbrannt

    aaronbrannt Member

    No matter how I organize the folders on my PC in my SD card, the Droid Gallery displays them all in the "root" of the Gallery. Ideally, I would like a Music, Images, and Video folder and then sub folders in each. I know there are a number of file managers in the Market, but each I have tried does not do the trick. What are your choices for managing media in a preferred a customizable environment?

    Afterthought, I would love to browse photos without the annoying overlay arrows and share icons.

  2. aaronbrannt

    aaronbrannt Member

    Another afterthought. These very organizational issues are crucial to the success of the Droid. I'm tech savvy, yet I'm having slight trouble. Image Joe iPod trying to manage media on this thing, he'll give up and buy an Apple.
  3. aaronbrannt

    aaronbrannt Member


    Okay, I'm the only one of this thread so far but I'm determined to find a solution.

    The following...

    File Browser (Moo Productions)
    File Browser (Blackmoon Into Tech)
    OI File Manager (OpenIntents)

    Do not support Slideshow when browsing photos, Neither seem viable as media browsing options. Maybe file browsers are not what I'm looking for?
  4. aaronbrannt

    aaronbrannt Member

    Astro File Manager

    Okay, I've finally found an app that does slideshow, and GUESS WHAT.. It's a solid slideshow without icons mucking up the images. A couple of problems though,

    1. Does not support Zoom in slideshow.
    2. Does not support Set As (Does support share)

    All in all this app is pretty amazing, I'm still looking for the perfect app for file management and gallery. Any ideas?
  5. iawd1

    iawd1 Well-Known Member

    I wish there was a way to organize by folders. I just made a post similar to this regarding OP and "sub folders"
  6. aaronbrannt

    aaronbrannt Member

    Well there is a way to create folders on the desktop. Hold on screen for a couple seconds and select Folders. Create new, then once its on your desktop you open it and tap the name field to rename it. The real question in this thread is how to create media folders in gallery or some other app. Currently, Gallery will not translate the folders and subfolders organized on the sd card via pc or app like astro.
  7. aaronbrannt

    aaronbrannt Member

    Where is this other thread out speak of?
  8. iawd1

    iawd1 Well-Known Member

    Dang. Hopefully this is a feature we upgrade
  9. n8man1068

    n8man1068 Member

    Agreed. This is a major issue for me.
    Imagine showing your friends, parents your snazzy new phone. They tinker around, and find the Gallery. Hit it, and are greeted with a folder labeled 'boobs', with preview thumbnails on the folder.

  10. bradhenley

    bradhenley New Member

    Is there an app that allows you to save pictures to specfic file folders.. (for instance I'm a contractor and take pics at varios stages of my jobs and would like to save them to that particular job name) also is there a app that allows you to send multi pics or even large file folders of pics just like an email app on a desktop computer
  11. monkeyboy01

    monkeyboy01 New Member

    I dont know if you've solved your problem as of yet or even check this forum anymore but ASTRO is a wonderful file manager app that will let you do all sorts of file/folder editing on your SD card and will let you view/zoom all your pics. My version doesn't support slideshows.

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