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  1. SebaKL

    SebaKL Well-Known Member

    Hello guys

    I have hard time figuring out the gallery behaviors.
    For some unknown to me reason, my gallery suddenly created lots of folders with single thumbnails image inside.

    I have about 10 folders total. One of them contain photos of my kid. Now all these photos in the main gallery. Each photo is a folder so I can open it, and when I view that single image in that folder, it's a low quality thumbnail.

    Best part is, when I connect the phone to my PC and explore the folders on the phone and the card, there is nothing there. They look exactly as supposed to. Even tho I can select multiple folders at once and delete it, it still puzzles me.

    Second issue with music art covers.
    I have my music nicely organized on my network storage. Just for safe keeping, in each folder of certain artist, I have the album cover in JPG. When I load the music to my GS2, I just drag drop the folders to my CARD/MEDIA. What annoys me is that all the album covers appear in the gallery, each cover has its own folder. When I drag drop say 50 artists, I have to then manually clean the gallery out of 50 folders.

    Again, none of these are visible when I view the folders on the phone while connected to my desktop.
    I suppose there is some kind of index file, I try to find it, trash it and get it to generate a correct index of the directory from scratch.

    Also, how can I prevent my music covers from getting to the gallery ?
    Well I sure could delete it before I copy the files, but it seem like allot of extra work, going folder by folder.

    Any ideas, advice, sincerely appreciated

    best regards

  2. punisher_uk

    punisher_uk New Member

    would have liked an aswer to this one i have same prob with music art why do i have to look at all my album art work when i wih to look at pic hmm :(
  3. tibr

    tibr Member

  4. SebaKL

    SebaKL Well-Known Member

    I did that and didn't work.
    I have the same problem with weather widget skins. I place the .nomedia in the root folder, in a sub folders.. whenever i could, and it had absolutely no impact. The images from various apps, widgets and covers keep showing up as hundreds of individual folders.
  5. Shazbat

    Shazbat Well-Known Member

    My problem goes the other way, photos from my gallery (contact photos mainly) appear as album/music covers???

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