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Gallery Not Refreshing Properly Files Show in Old Albums after being movedSupport

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  1. daffy113

    daffy113 Well-Known Member

    Gallery Not Refreshing Properly Files Show in Old Albums after being moved

    I have the Camera folder and periodically I want to move pictures from there to an alternate folder.

    I move the files using File Expert Pro. They show properly in that file system.

    Despite being in the correct spot in File Expert Pro they still show in the old location in Gallery and Details has them in the wrong place. However they aren't in that location according to File Expert.

    Attempted Solutions:
    I've tried clearing cache and data on the Gallery app and it still won't refresh.


    Can anyone provide a solution to this?

  2. mrhomiec

    mrhomiec Well-Known Member

    i've had something similar, my scenario- transfer images from computer to phone via USB. load Gallery and those images are not available.

    launch Astro File Manager and i see those images in there. can view and launch in Gallery, but still not showing.

    solution- after "a while" the Gallery app somehow refreshes itself to where it finally sees them. or restart phone and then it sees them. both solutions sucky.
  3. rcsrich

    rcsrich Well-Known Member

    Are you rooted with a custom recovery? I'd try the reboot & if that doesn't work, maybe clearing your cache & dalvik cache from inside recovery (I think there are some apps that do it as well) and then an immediate reboot. It will take a little longer to reboot as the dalvik cache is rebuilt.

    Food for thought...
  4. GTWalling

    GTWalling Well-Known Member

    Try going into Settings/Application manager. Tap All top right and scroll down to Gallery and tap. In the App info tap Clear data and then Force stop. Go back to get to home screen and reboot the phone so it will read the SDCard and see if your folders are right. Good luck.
  5. daffy113

    daffy113 Well-Known Member

    Thanks everybody

    1- Not running a custom recovery just a rooted Verizon Stock.

    2- Rebooting has been doing about 5 times with no avail.

    3- Tried the force stop, clear cache, clear data with no luck.

    Anybody know of anything else to force the sink. Are there some other files caching that need to be cleared to force it?
  6. mrhomiec

    mrhomiec Well-Known Member

    What happens when you try to open a picture from the file manager app? Make sure to choose open with Gallery. And then go to the home Gallery screen?
  7. daffy113

    daffy113 Well-Known Member

    The picture opens when I launch it from the correct location in file manager but when I go into detail from the gallery viewer it still has the incorrect detail location. Something in it is holding on to the old place. Its bizarre.

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