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Gallery - Photos low-res???Support

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  1. yakboy

    yakboy Well-Known Member

    I've had the Nexus one for a couple of weeks now, last night I thought I'd have a closer look at some of the snaps I'd taken, check the quality like.

    I was MT pinch zooming into them and to be frank I was less than impressed with both the detail and the compression. To double check I quickly popped outside and snapped a piccy of a rather charming sunset we were having, ensuring I was on 5MP and super-fine. Took a look in the Gallery app and same thing, looks about 2MP with some heavy duty compression when you zoom in.

    A little baffled by this I thought I'd check them out on my desktop monitor so emailed the same photo to myself. Bags of detail! and much much reduced Compression artifacts!

    The gallery images that you view are clearly some low quality version of the pic, natively I don't believe you can truly appreciate your pics on your handset.

    Anyone else noticed this?

  2. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

    Have you given the picture time to rescale when you have pinch zoomed? Zoom in and give the phone a second to readjust.
  3. Fatal Exception

    Fatal Exception Well-Known Member

    Could it be due to the limited texture memory and the pic being displayed in 3D?
  4. yakboy

    yakboy Well-Known Member

    I am one of the most impatient people you will ever meet but I did give it a good 10 seconds :)

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  5. yakboy

    yakboy Well-Known Member

    that sounds more than plausible! can anyone confirm they are experiencing similar on their N1?

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  6. ManMythLegend

    ManMythLegend Well-Known Member

    Poor coding by someone. BnB gallery also has multi touch and is crystal clear when zoomed.
    Quality is absolutely terrible in default gallery.

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