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[GAME][APK] Egg Catcher

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  1. longino07

    longino07 Member

    Hi, I would like to ask for your help for our study. We created a game, entitled Egg Catcher, for our study/thesis. Our professor told us to post this game online to have an online evaluation, thus, we cant afford to upload it the market because it's a bit expensive for us. So we decided to post it here in the forum.

    We kindly ask for your feedback, whether it is good, bad or if the game needs improvement, and also your comments about the game's compatibility issue. As far as I know, the game works well with Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830.

    I attached some screenshots of the game such as the Main Menu, the game itself and the highscore. I also attached the apk of the game.

    This is for educational purposes only, thank you guys! :)

    Main Menu

    Game Screen


    High Score

    You can download our apk here.

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  2. dnb428

    dnb428 Member

    Egg Catcher developers,

    I have tested your game and will happily provide feedback. All testing was done using a T-Mobile Sidekick 4G by Samsung running Android v2.2.1 (Froyo).

    The menu interface looks good, and is easy to use. The in game controls are smooth, and easy to use once you get the hang of them.

    The gameplay is pretty straightforward. It is entertaining for a little while, and does get more difficult when there are more egg blots on the screen. It does get repetitive rather quickly, and I think there are ways to make the game more interesting. A simple idea would be to adjust difficulty as the game goes on. The speed and/or volume of eggs could start out low and increase as your score gets higher.

    The visuals are simple, but certainly sufficient. They are fitting for the theme of the game.

    The sounds also fit the theme of the game quite well. The volume controls on my phone do not work when running the application. If I adjust the media volume from in another app, however, it does adjust the volume in game. Even at the lowest media volume, the egg catching sound effects were a bit loud.

    The application crashes whenever I try to save a high score, and I have to force close to get out of it. When I relaunch the game, I am brought directly to the High Score screen, which contains no entries.

    I like the idea for the game, but it does need some fine tuning.
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  3. longino07

    longino07 Member

    Thank you for your comments sir, about the issue in our high score. We are currently fixing it, we still don't know if it is about the compatibility issue of our game. :confused:
  4. its ok as a great time waster like those running games
  5. longino07

    longino07 Member

    My partner, Pat Soo, already fixed the bug in saving the high score after the game. Here's the new apk of our game, hope you like it!!! :D:D:D


    I've tested it using my LG-P690 Optimus Net. :D

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  6. stuey16

    stuey16 Member


    I played around with your game for a bit. Here's the 10 minute report:

    I tried installing it on my HTC Incredible (Android 2.3.4) and got a message saying "There is a problem parsing the package." I've never seen that one before, and there wasn't anything in the logs. Sorry I can't help you more there.

    I also tried it on my Transformer Prime tablet running 4.0. That did install and start. It did go to the high score screen first the first time I ran it, but a back button click or two and I was at the main menu. I'm guessing you didn't design the graphics for tablets (they were a little stretched)...but honestly that's okay. Many games are like that. The weird thing was that the accelerometer would only work for the game if I turned the tablet to landscape, even though it was meant to be played in protrait. So if I turned my head I could figure out what was going on. I don't know if that's a 4.0 issue, but it'd be worth checking into.

    Now onto the stylistic stuff. There are plenty of cute little things that make the game fun. I'd go a little further on making the catching of a rainbow egg a little more satisfying. 10 points is certainly cool, but let's have some sparks fly or a floating score bubble pop up (or both?). Maybe more rainbow eggs if you catch 10 or 15 eggs in a row? Little things like that make the player want to keep striving for more. Also, maybe if you catch enough rainbow eggs you can shoot down that little spaceship? The Space Invaders player in me just wanted to blow that thing away! Anyway, I get excited talking about game features...feel free to use any of these suggestions if you think they're cool.

    Also, I'd suggest a cancel button on the high score dialog. Sometimes players just want to get back to playing the next game without entering their name. Again, it's just a suggestion. Good luck with this project!

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