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  1. Cheppa

    Cheppa New Member

    Hey there. I'm looking for feedback to this game.

    The game is very simple. You control a ball and avoid other balls. The game will have some special features like some kind of powerups and a fast paced wave system (currently it's just balls spawning in random places with timers).

    I'm mostly looking for feedback on the control mechanism and how it looks and feels in different sizes of screens. I've only tested it on Galaxy S3.


    Edit: Changed the permissions to not include every single permission. Only permission that is needed is the internet and that's for the admob ads.

  2. Bolle

    Bolle New Member

    I just have started the app and got the information that you dont have put the internet permission in your manifest for ads;).

    to me its good cause I dont see ads
  3. Bolle

    Bolle New Member

    I have tested the app on a htc desire z. I have problems to control the ball cause its possible that the ball is outside of the screen and I was not able to get the ball back...

    the control mechanism itself is not so bad but you have to work on the speed. sometimes the ball is very slow and than the ball is faster than the light ;)
  4. Cheppa

    Cheppa New Member

    The controls were first just point and go. The ball was where you clicked. The problem was that you couldn't see well when your fingers were in the way. I changed it to a kinda joystick style control. You can control the ball from anywhere doing a drag kinda thing on the screen. I will add other control options in the next release. Some people seem to like other types of control.

    Thanks for the feedback! Any ideas to prevent going off screen? Should the ball just stop or maybe wrap around the screen.

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