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    The Miki Show "Aztec" Season 3 Ep.6 - YouTube


    Aztec is brain challenging, addictive and fun puzzle game with stunning HD graphics !
    Match the pattern shown on the small image, shifting the rows of colorful Aztec-shapes vertically and horizontally.

    The more you will play the more you will be challenged with more difficult puzzles. All the levels are interconnected as you will be given the opportunity to unlock a treasure the more you progress within the game.

    If you have enjoyed playing Rubik's or Magic Cube, you will surely enjoy this game, which was designed for all ages as we also have an arcade mode with easy levels to complete.

    The game is packed with 1600 Levels ! We also included an Arcade mode to improve your skills and also a time attack mode in which you will push yourself to solve as many puzzles as possible in a limited number of time.


    Game: Aztec
    Creators/Developed by: Magma Mobile
    Kind of game: Brain & Puzzle
    File size: 8.9M
    Price: Free on Google Play
    Levels: 1600 Levels
    Game modes: Arcade and Time attack


    You can play in Vertical or Horizontal Mode.
    The touch controls are fluid.
    Has thousand levels.


    No mufti touch.
    Sometimes the moves made are not calculated correctly.





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