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[Game] BlobTrap

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  1. Tyrfing

    Tyrfing Member

    Trap the blobs within your walls! Encircle as much black space as possible, to cover as much room as possible.- Gather PowerUps
    - Evade the blobs
    - Time your advances well
    - Be careful of your trail!
    - Differently colored blobs have different behaviour, so be careful
    Currently features a total of 3 stages each consisting of 8 levels to beat.
    The game is free of charge and can be downloaded at the android market.



  2. Tyrfing

    Tyrfing Member

    The game underwent a small name change and can now be found at:


    Reason for the name change, was that there was actually version of the game before this one called "PacBreak".

    Turned out that the "Pac" in PacBreak was trademarked/Copyrighted because of PacMan, which led to Google removing the old app and me changing names/coloring/etc. Anyways, I wanted to pertain as much as possible from the old name, which is why I switched back.

    On a better note, the game now features a leaderboard for submitting highscores.

    I apologize for the inconvencience.
  3. Valley

    Valley New Member

    graphic is awesome!

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