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    Boxman R is a new style of the classic game Boxman (also known as Sokoban and Pushbox), in which the goal is to push boxes to specific locations. In this version you will find items to help you help out when you're stuck.

    There are four items to be used wisely in order to clear each of the levels, these are:

    * Hammer - Destroys an obstacle
    * Apple - Pushes an obstacle
    * Glove - Drags an obstacle/box
    * Bird - Jumps over an obstacle/box

    Supports touchscreen and Trackball/D-pad controls.

    A built-in level editor is provided so anyone can make their own levels to challenge friends and other people with the upload function. Of course, there's a download function to play levels other people have made. You can also rate them from 1-5.

    The first version of the game contains 15 levels. More levels may be added in later versions, or you can just find more levels with the download function.

    The Lite version of the game is ads free and contains all the levels, and the level editor. However, you cannot upload nor download levels. Upgrading to the full version won't make you lose the levels you've created.

    A few screenshots:

    Home screen - One of the levels

    Level Editor - Uploading a level

    Look for "Boxman Revolution" in the Android Market, or use the QR codes:

    Full version

    Lite version

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    Version 1.50:
    * Includes the feature to commentate other people's levels
    * Bugs fixed

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