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Game Dev Story

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  1. Spoggy

    Spoggy Active Member

    Hi Forum
    On Game Dev Story I run a reasonably successful company. I'm in the third office and have released 19 games, all of which have been pretty successful.
    However, the PlayStatus has been released at 10,000k and I can only ever have about 4,000k in my funds
    If anyone could please give me some tips, Genre/Type combos and ways to get good critic scores that will get me into the PlayStatus market that will be brilliant.
    Thanks for Reading,

  2. mrmrchris

    mrmrchris Active Member

    I love Game Dev Story! After playing a few times, I've found that the following works well for me.

    -From the beginning of the game, do develop > contract, and keep going until as many times as you can bare until you've built up as many funds as you can... It's best to do this early on as if you develop contracts at a later time, you'll lose fans for not releasing enough games.
    -Contantly use funds and research data to level up / train your staff. The more points they have for each attribute, the more successful your games will be.
    -If you can afford it, always choose "+budget" from the developmen aim collumn. This increases your chance of having a hit game, and the extra cost usually is worth it in extra sales.
    -Every now and then, I develop a game using all the best (most expensive) outside staff. This means that next time round none of your own staff wont have any "another one, i don't think i can give this my best" moments, and if you really push the boat out and hire the expensive ones, the graphics, fun, creativity, music can go through the roof. +++Sales.
    -Boosts are great! Buy as many as you can the first times the salesman comes, because they get more expensive as the game progresses (according to how much money you have.)
    -Always develop for the consoles which have the highest share percentage.
    -If you're going to level up staff, or eventually turn one of them into a software engineer, choose the ones with the longest energy bar.

    Hope that helped a little!
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  3. diestarbucks

    diestarbucks Well-Known Member

    Their last point was a good one.
  4. Spoggy

    Spoggy Active Member

    Thank you very much. I'll try that
  5. asb123

    asb123 Well-Known Member

    Its fun but gets too repetitive very quickly
  6. dalamchops

    dalamchops Member

    very fun game, how do you make your own consoles??
  7. mrmrchris

    mrmrchris Active Member

    You need to use the "career change manual." Choose a member of staff and you need to move them through all of the occupations and level them up to level 5 for each occupation. Finally, when you have been through them all with that one single staff member, you will have the option to turn them into a software engineer. Then you can make a console.

    Bare in mind that it's expensive, and that the process takes one whole in-game year, so you need to a considerable amount of cash stored up beforehand!
  8. chtamina

    chtamina Well-Known Member

    is it possible to play with multiple accounts in this game ?
    A friend of mine just started playing with my phone and I'd like to start a new game without erasing his
  9. mattdanielc

    mattdanielc Well-Known Member

    Love this game - on year 9 at the mo - had 3 hall of fame games in a row now - and I've got 4 hackers working for me now, hence the success of the games now!

    Opening up more and more game types so I can make completely different games now - my best sales so far are 2.3 million games sold. 11 years left to become the best!
  10. sculptor85

    sculptor85 New Member

    Where the hell is the save file located!? I've taken the entire apk apart, even went through the .smali files one by one looking for the damn directory where it's kept!
  11. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    Do you guys leave the hackers as hackers or change their carreer?
  12. takethewall

    takethewall Active Member

    I've found they're more reliable if you change their career if you're using them for specific tasks.
  13. reidy276

    reidy276 New Member

    i have made 53 games now made all consoles and have won the number one game award 7 times game gets old pretty quick when you achieve that goal
  14. bigbadwulff

    bigbadwulff Well-Known Member

    Tried it. Not my cup of tea.
  15. Jotamide

    Jotamide Member

    I'm also looking for the save file! Any leads?

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