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  1. oriz

    oriz Active Member

    Hey i am about to start learning android app using java currently i am using eclipse but i have some questions.

    1)if i want to develop a pretty simple game should i use unity or eclipse

    2) does the code syntax of unity android abd eclipse are pretty much same? or i should learn it like new lenguate?


  2. joeb3219

    joeb3219 Member

    I think the answer to your first question depends on whether or not you already know Java. You said you're learning Android apps using Java, so I am assuming you are new to the language. If that's the case, I suggest using Unity.

    Java is a really good, strong language, but not ideal for making a game in *if* you've never used it before.
  3. oriz

    oriz Active Member

    Why not i am learning so when i'll be good enough i can make games?

    And you did not answered my second question is unity and eclipse has about the same syntax?
  4. joeb3219

    joeb3219 Member

    When you're better with Java, yeah, I'd suggest using it. Otherwise, you're going to hit too many problems and ultimately have a pretty inefficient game.

    I haven't used Unity is a long while, so I cannot shed much light on that question.

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