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Game framework

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  1. DeferoKohll

    DeferoKohll New Member


    so i have been searching for an answer for a while now, but no luck.
    I'm new to this and i'm wondering is there an elegant way to do different screens in code.

    Ive seen examples where they create a new Intent and then start the activity from a class which divides the code quite nicely.

    So you can start the "options" screen activity or "about" or "start"...
    I have i problem that i want for all this screens to be animated, menu too, where i use a thread.

    The question is, is there a nice way to divide this now or do i have to use a switch statement in the thread and switch there what is drawn?

    Thank you for all your help in advance.

  2. DeferoKohll

    DeferoKohll New Member

    Sry, posted on the wrong place.

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