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  1. Hi everyone, this is my first app so I'd love any feedback!


    Pluto Strikes Back!

    On August 24, 2006, it was declared that Pluto was no longer a planet.

    Today, Pluto strikes back!

    Stop the Plutonians from reaching Earth in this Asteroids style arcade space shooter!

    *Dodge meteors and comets, or shoot them down! Battle with the Plutonian fleet featuring three distinct classes of ships!
    *Earn money to enhance your ship's capabilities with nine different upgrades! Increase your fire rate, bullet speed, or agility! Purchase energy shields, the ability to teleport, and more!
    *All content in this addicting time waster is 100% free. No in-app purchases.



    It's free on Google Play and SlideMe.

    Pluto Strikes Back! | SlideME

  2. Update 04.19.12!

    *Improved comet graphic! Now with 23% more pretty
    *Tips added to Kill Screen
    *Buttons enlarged
  3. Styrisvps

    Styrisvps Well-Known Member

    Very cool retro style arcade game. Very challenging and addicting.

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