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[GAME][FREE] Quazzle Deluxe HD - new unique tetris like gameplay

  1. kidga

    kidga Member

    Hi, let me introduce you ...


    What users say:

    N - Love this one....
    Very addictive and not as easy as it looks. Rotation of the shapes is just what I was hoping for.
    Melissa - Tetris on pause...
    Same shapes, same objective. And so addictive!!! It needs different types of gameplay ie) arcade/time ones/maybe a different shape instead of the box to fill. but love it
    Oscar - Awesome! Really good game:)

    New puzzle challenge in Tetris alternative games: Quadris and Pentas. Now in HD.Select bricks of the shown figure (like in Tetris) shape (any rotated version) to remove it from field. Clear row to make new bricks available. Unblock multiblocked bricks.
    This is new vision of Tetris and the best Tetris altenative game by developer's opinion.

    Get it on Google Play.


    QR code:


    Twitter: kidga.com games (@KidgaCom) on Twitter
    Facebook: Kidga | Facebook
    E-Mail: support@kidga.com

    Thank you!


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