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[GAME][FREE] Snake & Ladder

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  1. lolwiki

    lolwiki Well-Known Member

    Hi please check out my new game Snake & Ladder


    It is not the normal snake & ladder game you expect. This is an action / puzzle game that requires fast thinking.

    Please try it out and give feedback. I'm concerned about whether this game is too fast / slow paced, or if the rules are not obvious enough.

    Thank you


  2. skwtest

    skwtest New Member

    hi lolwiki,
    i am also developing this game for my semester project can you please help me for developing this app
  3. horama

    horama New Member

    I played it and I liked. For me, the messages (rules) are fine and there is time for players learn gradually. One thing bothered me was the absence of a QUIT button on the main screen (MENU button only shows "Settings", "Feedback" and "Share" and BACK button isn't handled).
    The graphics are great and I didn't see any bug, which is great.
    Keep the good work!

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