[Game] Kids Trucks Preschool Lite - a FREE educational game for Android!

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  1. ScottAdelman

    ScottAdelman Member

    Hello forum!

    I have just released my 3rd app on Android called Kids Trucks Preschool Lite. It is an educational app for toddlers and preschoolers to help them learn their colors, letters, shapes, and numbers. There are fun truck animations, lots of positive encouragement, and fireworks! Here is the link: http://bit.ly/w3Lp9Y

    And here are a couple screen shots:

    Thanks for looking! If you enjoy the app, I would appreciate any ratings or reviews. Thanks again for your time.


  2. preetianm

    preetianm New Member

    You are making really wonderful thing for toddlers, I was check your apps & these all are nice for kids. These are really nice toddler’s education games. I was installed two of them but my daughter always likes to play with these games. Thank you so much for this beautiful creation.

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