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[GAME] MICRO RC Simulation

  1. asgaror

    asgaror New Member

    This is a radio controlled micro cars driving simulation.

    Two graphics
    - Light: for devices with medium / low performance
    - Dioramas : for devices with medium / high performance

    8 cars models
    8 tracks in Light mode
    6 tracks in Dioramas mode (more track with the next update)

    Single race and championsgip mode (only Diorama Modality).

    Realistic physics.

    2 to 4 cars per race.
    Adjustable AI difficulty.
    Number of laps adjustable from 2 to 100.

    Android version 2.1 or higher.

    Available on Google Play both free and complete version

    Evaluations and advices are really appreciated :)


    Asgaror Game Studios


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