[GAME]Plate Breaker, Addicting Game You Won't Stop Playing

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  1. amagine

    amagine New Member

    Hi guys, we are an indie game developer from Indonesia working on Android platform. :D

    we Introduce to you : Plate Breaker

    The objective of this game is simple : BREAK ALL THE PLATES AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

    This game will challenge your finger, accuraction skill, and strategy to break all the plates as fast as possible.
    Yes it's really simple! but don't blame us if you can't stop playing it . ;)

    Play this with all of your friend and see who have the fastest finger. and of course brag it to your facebook and twitter friends. who doesn't love bragging?

    You can download it here FREE : Plate Breaker

    or just directly scan from this QR Code :

    check the trailer :

    Have fun

  2. amagine

    amagine New Member

    Hi guys :D
    we've make some updates to the game.
    it's more about the trophy anyway.

    we've really surprised by the fact that there are some players out there can beat the 1,0 secs timescore.
    so to appreciate their effort we create trophy based on their name and their highscore.
    so if any of you can break the record by getting the trophy we'll add your name in the game. ;)

    new trophies added :

    and more interesting news , plate breaker are in number 1 on trending page on heyzap today. :D


    stay tuned for more interesting updates :D

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