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[Game Preview] the Golden Age of Piracy

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  1. guniball

    guniball New Member

    You can see 1st gameplay video "the Golden Age of Piracy" - physics-based arcade about sea battles of pirates.
    • 18 levels
    • 3 bullet types
    • magnificent scenery
    • excellent atmospheric music
    • 7 types of ships
    • many achievements
    See it: the Golden Age of Piracy - first gameplay - YouTube

  2. Sarrith

    Sarrith Well-Known Member

    Few things:
    1. Graphics don't look bad - what devices will run it?
    2. You might want to make a new video, can't see it being too good for the game when the programer loses in 1st gameplay video.
    3. so can you travel the 7 seas you scallywag? or once you beat 1 pirate you get attacked by another ship and then by another?
    4. upgradeable ships? weapons? crew members?
    5. able to move closer or farther away?
    6. multiplayer? face other players ships?
    7. Wind/snow/atmosphere changes?

    I could prolly go on for a while but nice little teaser of it.
  3. guniball

    guniball New Member

    1. Support Android 2.2+ , all resolutions
    2. Thank you, fix it
    3. This is timekiller-arcade, game consists of only fighting, without traveling to the global map
    4. We have different levels with different ships, forts, bullet types, rocks and others
    5. We are working on moving closer and farther
    6."Hot sit " may be will support. Two players on one device
    7. Wind is dynamic. Atmosphere is changed in every level
  4. Sarrith

    Sarrith Well-Known Member

    ok thanks for the info.
    I like the idea personally for global traveling, but to each his own game :p

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