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  1. SDeen

    SDeen New Member

    I am a new android app developer. I have had a free racing game posted on Google Play for a while now which is getting little or no play. I have made a number of updates to it over the last few months so either potential players passed on it early or maybe something else. My options at this stage are to leave it as is and focus on other projects or update it. Any feedback and opinions on this game would be valuable.

    Game link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sunnahgames.tinycarracing


  2. otosama

    otosama Member

    Tested on Galaxy note, when I try to enter the first level the loading took quite a while, and the game crashed.

    The game is simple and fun, however maybe you should consider locate the advertisement banner to somewhere else, I accidentally pressed it for a few times and was kicked out from the game, which was irritating.

    More improvement on artwork is preffered

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