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  1. CVL

    CVL Well-Known Member

    Galaxy Ace 2 Game Recommendations Thread

    If you have any good game recommendations or questions regarding games for the Galaxy Ace 2, please feel free to post them here. :)

    I'll begin with some racing games I find enjoyable:

    Championship Racing 2012

    Final Freeway

    Final Freeway 2R

    Formula Racing GP 1 F1 Game

    MotoGP 2012

    Project Downforce

    Racing Legends

    Raging Thunder 2

    Reckless Racing

    MotoGP 2012

    Some other racing games that work on the Ace 2:

    Drag Racing
    Drag Racing: Bike Edition
    Mini Motor Racing
    Racing Moto
    Reckless Getaway
    Lane Splitter
    Extreme Formula

    Also, does anyone know if Real Racing 2 and Asphalt 7 will work on the Ace 2? I've read conflicting comments on the web regarding compatibility. Thanks.

    Other recommendations?

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  2. That's a good idea, thanks. There's a Need For Speed game that came out recently that's meant to be good but I haven't tried it. Sadly I have no input on racing games at all but...

    ...maybe we could make a games thread with recommendations in it? My mate tried GTA3 but said he couldn't get it to work, so I'm wary of trying it and wasting
  3. CVL

    CVL Well-Known Member

    Excellent idea, I've changed the topic title to "Game Recommendations Thread". Please feel free to list your fav Galaxy Ace 2 games. :)

    Incidentally, I just bought New Star Soccer. It's a fun role-playing kinda footy (soccer) game. I can see myself spending many hours with this one.
  4. CVL

    CVL Well-Known Member

  5. MarKo9

    MarKo9 Active Member

    Awesome thread! I'll try to keep on update.

    Puzzle, Brain Games

    Bad Piggies

    Sprinkle Free

    Amazing Alex

    Siege Hero

    Cut the Rope LITE

    Where's My Perry? Free

    Life wasters

    Fruit Ninja Free

    RPG + a bit of mixture

    The Oregon Trail: Settler

    Inotia 4

    League of Heroes



    Major Mayhem (My favorite :D)





    Swing Shot

    Empire VS Orcs

    TD (Tower Defense)

    Tower Defense

    All games were tested on Samsung Galaxy ACE 2 and works like a charm. Maybe the best games I've played so far... *all kind of genres*
  6. Worms Works well, although if you exit the game to read a text or something the sound doesn't work until you exit the game and restart it. And you can't play multiplayer without passing the phone around which is useless. I think you can on iPhone. When you can play your friends remotely then it will be excellent.

    PES 2012 Works well but it's a bit boring. And I think you have to either buy credits to buy players or play it LOADS to build up your free credits. I can't actually remember now, ha.

    GTA3 I've heard it doesn't work, has anyone else tried it?

    ScummVM Amazing emulator for playing those old point and click games like Monkey Island and Beneath A Steel Sky.

    Tetris It's Tetris.

    Scrabble games
    Words With Friends Works well but the dictionary is stupid. Some proper words aren't allowed yet they allow some ridiculous ones. The board layout is similar to proper Scrabble which is good. ALso available without the ads for a price.

    Wordfeud Uses the proper Scrabble dictionary but the board is laid out badly. And it looks horrible. Pro version without ads.

    I don't really play many games as you can probably tell.
  7. MarKo9

    MarKo9 Active Member

    Yes, GTA 3 doesn't work and I don't know why. I've launched it and saw an agreement if I remember right when I was about to accept it and game closed automatically. I saw one guy on youtube and he was playing this game without problems. His phone rooted as far as I know.
  8. CVL

    CVL Well-Known Member

    Great recommendations, guys ^. :)

    I think you're mistaken PES 12 for Gameloft's Real Football games. The Real Football games are free to play, but Gameloft wants you to buy in-game credits in order to play more than a few matches a day. PES 12 on the other hand is not free, but once you've paid for the app everything (except for a South American Cup afaicr) is available instantly. Incidentally, I bought PES 12 for my Galaxy Ace 2 (not rooted) and it works great. It takes about 400mb of space I believe.

    I also bought Real Racing 2 and hoped it'd work on the GA2, but the game turned out to be too large in size for my device. It needs some 1.3 gigs and only installs to the built-in memory. Unfortunately, the phones built-in memory is divided into two partitions, each with around 1 gig of available space. Suffice to say I wasn't able to install the game so I got a refund instead.

    A few other games I've bought that work on the GA2 device:

    NFS: Shift

    Special Enquiry Detail

    Devil's Attorney

    All highly recommended. :)
  9. Nah, it was definitely PES, it's the only one I've tried. When you play in career mode and want to buy players it looks like you have to play it loads to earn enough money, even for a crap player. I didn't play it much to be honest, maybe you earn money quicker as you improve and up the difficulty like on console versions. I didn't get on with it so uninstalled it.

    There's a PSP emulator now I've installed it but I've not tried any games on it yet. I'm not expecting much to be honest, it's still very new.
  10. CVL

    CVL Well-Known Member

    Oh I see my mistake then, I don't play career mode so haven't experienced anything like that in the game. Thanks for the heads-up. :)

    Personally, I think PES 12 is the best of all the football games I've tried - gameplay is simple and fun. Anyone played FIFA 12, is it good?
  11. gavanid

    gavanid Member

    Some of my favourites:-

    ck 2 zombies

    wild blood

    mass effect infiltrator

    nfs mw bind.apk

    if your files over 1gb
    install apk


    keep your data on your sd???
  12. Has anyone tried if GTA Vice City works?

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