Game remake (my first Android game atempt)

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  1. Jompe71

    Jompe71 Active Member

    Hi all,

    I'm in "progress" of making my first game on the Android platform. Since I'm out of ideas it'll be a remake of the classic C64 game "Deflektor".

    This is what I've got so far.


    Now, what I really lack is the abillity to debug the app from withing the IDE (IntelliJ). Can someone please provide a link on how to set it up... ?

  2. ram100987

    ram100987 Well-Known Member

    i cant answer your question, but that game looks pretty cool. cant waiyt for you to finish it up!
  3. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you! Administrator

    This seems like more of a question for Developers... shall I move the post to that section?
  4. Jompe71

    Jompe71 Active Member

    I've got a similar post there. You can remove this post!
  5. Jompe71

    Jompe71 Active Member

    Please help out you guys owning a G1. All 60 original levels included, online hiscore table, cool bg sounds etc... ;)

    If you're up for it (requires to fill in a beta testing protocol), please give me a PM (and I'll give you the details for testing). Game status is probably 95+% finished. That is to say if you find any bugs etc.
  6. mmaitlen

    mmaitlen Member

    You could always put it up on the Android Market and state that it's a beta needing some debugging and ask people to email you with bugs they find. You may get some response. If you get to much, you can always un-publish it. Since it's free, I don't think you get to many complaints.
  7. Patton

    Patton Member

    Nice graphics, very retro :)
  8. Jompe71

    Jompe71 Active Member

    I'm testing, bugfixing and optimizing as much as I can (using freetime) for the moment.
    Got some beta-testers as well testing on the G1 (But I need more, please sign up! :D).
    The game will support OI Updater and soon (hopefully next week) be up on the market.
  9. Jompe71

    Jompe71 Active Member

    Now the game is up on the market.
    If you've seen it, tried it, please give me input.
    Since I don't own a G1 I cannot view the reviews.
    Never the less it was fun doing it (the game that is, don't get any ideas :D)...
  10. happyface_0

    happyface_0 Active Member

    The reviews are saying:
    -people don't know what to do (idiots don't read)
    -people want standard UI navigation (I think it's fine)
    -touch screen controls (I kind of agree, but too hard with the small grid)
    -have option to turn off the music (I agree)
    -the game doesn't fill the whole screen (definitely agree)

    Other than that, people love it. So do I!
  11. Jompe71

    Jompe71 Active Member

    More detailed instructions will come in the next release. This includes description + icon of all tiles in the game.
    Some people reported an issue with "exit". I'll look further into that. It may be an issue I cannot reproduce in the EMU.

    There IS such an option. In the Options screen you can toggle music on|off. If it doesn't work thats a bug, but the option is there...

    Unfortunatly, it's a no, no. I started developing this game before the G1 was out and thought the first phones out would have 320x240. If the gfx tiles would be 24x24 instead of 16x16 that would be an option. Scaling from 16 to 24 will only skew the graphics and make it ugly.
    My graphics artist for the game seems to have disapeared from the face of the earth (Tried a month to contact him!) so redrawing it isn't an option either, Sorry!
    Trust me when I say, I'd like full screen as well...

    Thanx! :) I'm allready planning my next game. This time not a remake...
  12. happyface_0

    happyface_0 Active Member

    I can't wait! We definitely need more GOOD games on android, and you seem to be a good coder. This game is fantastic, especially since you don't even own a G1!

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