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  1. grzegorz_ae

    grzegorz_ae Active Member

    Space STG II - Death Rain v1.1 released!

    Space STG II - Death Rain is a sci-fi real time strategy game for ANDROID device. It is continuation of the finalist of ADC II competition!

    Immerse yourself in a mortal war of clans. Explore solar systems, manage cities, develop technology and create space fleet.

    -Czech, Slovakia
    -Free activation codes for help with translation for other languages.

    Game provide:
    - 40 missions in campain (1 special suprise mission) + unlimited quick missions.
    - 8 ships with (ex. Transporter, Fighter, MotherShip)
    - 8 upgrades of ships (ex. shoots from distance to planet)
    - 7 special technology (ex. nuclear missile, electrical storm)
    - 7 technologies (ex. turn back in time, tunel, enemy confusion)


    - animated background
    - new notification panel
    - new resource (graphen)
    - asteroids in space
    - new amazing graphics
    - better AI
    - difference in planet view
    - more ships, technology, special technology
    - removed defence units
    - added upgrades of ships
    - and a lot of other things like moons, antimattern generator, voices of ships and female assistance, statistics after game, experience points and pagon, play improvements...

    You can see gameplay on Youtube channel:

    More You can find on facebook account:

    or our website:
    Game available in Android Market & AppBrain & AndAppStore.



  2. grzegorz_ae

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    I prepared a pdf file with description and tips for Space STG II game. Here You can download it:
    Guide for game

    Also I need Your help. I prepared a simple form for You. That will help me find out what do You expect from game. Here You can fill it
    Form to fill
  3. grzegorz_ae

    grzegorz_ae Active Member

    New version of game was released!
  4. grzegorz_ae

    grzegorz_ae Active Member

    New upgrade released:
    improved tips in tutorial (now tutorial is with small tips)
    small graphic improvement
  5. grzegorz_ae

    grzegorz_ae Active Member

    Small release:
    Big FC in free mode whan ships are attacking (Thank You for report)
  6. grzegorz_ae

    grzegorz_ae Active Member

    Version 1.2.3 was released. I add some of Your suggestion and Romanian language. Also most of reported bugs was fixed. Here is changelog:

    Ability to move only fighting ships
    Fast forward option added (in game click menu > Speed)
    Added Romanian language

    error with cancel of building fixed
    Added mother ship in mission 31
    compleye crash of the application fixed
    mission 37 error fixed
    error with continue of free mode fixed
  7. grzegorz_ae

    grzegorz_ae Active Member

    Version 1.2.4 released!

    added French language
    game speed notification
    bug with continue in free mode fixed

    I'm looking for someone who will finish Russian language in game. Activation code for help ;)

  8. grzegorz_ae

    grzegorz_ae Active Member

    Hi, new version was released 1.2.5:
    added RUSSIA language
    added ITALIAN lang.
    improved ENGLISH lang.
    improved GERMAN lang

    Jason from playdroid also prepared another STG II Player's Guide.
  9. grzegorz_ae

    grzegorz_ae Active Member

    improved Italian language
    improved graphics
    graphics in small resolution improved
    FC when phone ringing fixed
    added description of mission while playing
  10. grzegorz_ae

    grzegorz_ae Active Member

    -link to Amazon Appstore (buy option)
    -decreased lags on menu and in game
    -new icon
    -bugs fixed
  11. grzegorz_ae

    grzegorz_ae Active Member

    Version 1.3.5
    - fixed bug with game speed
    - added to about people who have done translation.
    - added button to HeyZapp community
    - game speed notofication changed
  12. grzegorz_ae

    grzegorz_ae Active Member

    Version 1.3.6
    Fixed bug with minerals & destroyed building
    Improved german translation
    Decreased difficult of level 8
    Fixed error with surprice
    Fixed error with hardware keyboard
    Added ukrainian language
  13. grzegorz_ae

    grzegorz_ae Active Member

    ★Removed Heyzap community
    ★Removed INTERNET permission
  14. grzegorz_ae

    grzegorz_ae Active Member

    ★★★ "Manual battle" added!
    ★★Graphics improvements
    ★★Korean language added
    ★Fixed graphics QVGA resolution
    ★Saved game speed
    ★Small optimisation
    ★Bug with finish mission fixed

  15. grzegorz_ae

    grzegorz_ae Active Member

  16. bannerb

    bannerb New Member

    This is one of thebest space exploration games iv ever seen and the missons are amazingly
    Enjoyable I say that this game takes 1st place in scifi rts android gamein keep up the good work
  17. bannerb

    bannerb New Member

    Asome game best rts experiance iv had on android
  18. grzegorz_ae

    grzegorz_ae Active Member


    Version: 2.1.0
    ★Mass sending ships fixed
    ★Improved AI
    ★Area in freemode fixed
    ★Bugs with destroyed buildings fixed
    ★Position of camera in manual battle improved
    ★Iceland language added
    ★Portugal language added
    ★Lithuania language added (half of translation)
    ★Faster tunel technology
    ★Korean and Russian text display fixed
    ★Report bug in About section
    ★ICS graphics bugs fixed
    ★Compatible with ICS.
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  19. Gamer201

    Gamer201 New Member

    This strategy game is really addictive. It has more possible combinations for game play than most. Worth every penny.
  20. grzegorz_ae

    grzegorz_ae Active Member

    Version 2.3 released.

    Changes in version 2.3:
    ★★★Major bugs in mid game fixed,
    ★★★Auto restore saves in case Force Close,
    ★Bug in menu fixed,
    ★Bugs with QVGA devices fixed,
    ★Mission 19 attributes fixed.

    Full version of Space STG II now available on Google Play!!! Yeah!
  21. grzegorz_ae

    grzegorz_ae Active Member

    Version: 2.4.6
    ★ Surprice bug fixed
    ★ Surprice diificult increased
    ★ Mission 19 dificult decreased
    ★ Mission 18 reorder
    ★ Minor bugs fixed
  22. grzegorz_ae

    grzegorz_ae Active Member

    [​IMG] SPACE STG II - Drath Rain

    Space STG II - Death Rain is a sci-fi real time strategy game.
    Immerse yourself in a real time strategy. Explore, build, create, develop...

    Space STG II - YouTube

    More info:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  23. grzegorz_ae

    grzegorz_ae Active Member

    Version: 2.5.2
    ★★★Difficult of mission 19 decreased,
    ★★★Graphics improvements,
    ★★★Minor bugs fixed,
    ★★★Shorter tutorial.

    Version: 2.5.3
    ★★★ Fixed "lost ships after FC" bug,
    ★★ AI improved,
    ★Fixed few minor bugs,
    ★Small graphics improvements.
  24. Shinji01

    Shinji01 Well-Known Member

    Great game. I love how i can choose my ships!

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