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  1. code-monkey

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    I've been working on a Android game for a while and have just released an update. The game is called "Titan Turret" and it's an endless strategic shooter game.

    Based on the 80's game Paratrooper/Sabotage, endless waves of enemies try to take out your turret. Destroying an enemy gives you points which you can spend on upgrading the turret.

    I'm looking for feedback to improve the game even further. Let me know what you think. Or play a few games and the game will automatically ask you for feedback.

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  2. code-monkey

    code-monkey Member

    Titan Turret has been updated this week. This release features new share functionality. Players can now share their score with their friends and/or post it on Facebook.

    There've been a few minor bug fixes.

    The game controls were made a bit more transparent.

    Music/Sound preferences will now be stored. No more sudden metal music in the middle of a boring meeting :)

    The game will now also calculate your accuracy, while it doesn't have any function now, it will in the future!

    The next thing we're working on are achievements.

    If you have feedback or requests, it is -more- than welcome!

    Thank you! :)
  3. code-monkey

    code-monkey Member

    A new update for Titan Turret has been released. With this update achievements have finally been added to the game! Titan Turret now features 11 unique awards to achieve.Overtime more achievements will be added to the game.

    Achievements can also be shared on Facebook or any other social medium. You have all bragging rights when you hit that "Hail! Titan Commander"-award :)

    A new game difficulty has also been added. This game difficulty called "Extreme" will really test your skills to the max. Recommended only for a high level turret!

    I've posted a video of this level on youtube: Titan Turret Extreme-difficulty on Huawei Ideos S7 - YouTube

    Finally, 2 new units have been added and destroying an enemy now shows the scored points

    Let me know what you guys think!
  4. code-monkey

    code-monkey Member

    First of all, thank you for the feedback you've been sending!

    Titan Turret has received a major update this week. The update consists of:

    -2 new weapons (cluster shells and explosive shells)
    -1 new upgrade category (Shell speed)
    -1 new difficulty level, Titan Commander (this one is hard without upgrades!)
    -4 new enemies, bringing the enemy total to 16 enemies!
    -3 new scenario's

    All feedback is welcome. Let me know what you think!

    Nice detail by the way is that Titan Turret is now on spot #427 of Top(Free) games!

    Thank you for the support!
  5. dimitar_mar

    dimitar_mar Member


    The game seems ok. As I see work smooth. Actually I don't like the gameplay, maybe someone else will have fun with this game.
  6. code-monkey

    code-monkey Member

    Hi, dimitar_mar, thanks for trying it.

    What did you not like about the gameplay? What were you expecting? thanks! :)
  7. code-monkey

    code-monkey Member

    Hi guys,

    New update again; new levels have been unlocked in the free version of Titan Turret. The Normal-difficulty gamemode and a scenario.

    We've also changed some of the game graphics which should make everything a little bit more polished.

    We've also been working on adding a new feature: Power-ups! They will be featured in the upcoming release. More info on that later, Stay tuned for more updates! :D

    And as always, feedback is welcome! :)
  8. code-monkey

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    New update has been released. An entire new feature has been added: Power-ups!

    Currently there are 3 power-ups in the game which can be gained by shooting down flying units. When a flying unit has been destroyed, a crate spawns. Shoot the crate to earn the power-up; pretty simple! :)

    The 3 power-ups will give you either health, temporarily no reload or destruction of all enemies on your screen.

    Next to this we've also added 13 new achievements! In the future we will add rewards to them, so keep on playing!

    Finally, we've also fixed a bug where on some handsets the game would crash when it was finished. If you had this issue, please let us know if Titan Turret works correctly now.

    As always, feedback is more than welcome!
  9. code-monkey

    code-monkey Member


    With the release of Titan Turret 1.6, we've made some ground-breaking changes.

    Enter the Titan Turret Shop! The shop allows players to upgrade their turret or buy power-ups with Titan Coins and XP. XP can be earned by simply playing the game while Titan Coins can be earned or bought. There are various ways to earn Titan Coins. First, a player can earn achievements. Each achievement rewards the player with Titan Coins. The second way to earn Titan Coins is to make use of advertising partner's ads.

    You can earn Titan Coins by installing and playing advertised Android games. Yes, that's right this means earning Titan Coins while playing games. :) No restrictions, no fee's, no hidden legal mumbo-jumbo; play an advertised game and earn coins! Awesome! :D

    We expect that our younger players will benefit the most from this change. A credit card, or money for that matter, is no longer required to unlock the entire game.

    Al always, feedback is more than welcome!

  10. code-monkey

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