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[GAME/TOY] Music Wand

  1. Xjulio

    Xjulio New Member

    Hi all,

    This is my first post (and my first app =))
    platform: Android 2.2
    description: Music wand is a kind of musical toy based on the accelerometer and the compass.
    the wheel controls which tune you want to play, and then just shake the phone to make it play. Instead of shaking it, it is much more fun to make it move within long curves to make use of the centrifuge force and make it trigger nicely.
    By default the pitch selection is based on the compass (which makes it pseudo random when dancing with it). Whenever you touch the screen, it overcomes the compass and you control the pitch.
    there is also a couple of option such as ad a beat, or change the single tune play mode to a nice chord mode ...

    Music Wand

    Hope you'll have fun!



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