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  1. AndBzh

    AndBzh New Member

    I've make a new version of the classic "Truth or Dare".
    More than 1000 truthes or dares in 3 level (normal, sexy, hot). You can add your custom one.
    You can also take photo of the dare to remember the best moment of the game.
    In further version I'll add some extra news features and new truthes or dares

    The game is in french and english.

    The QR Code :


    The Menu : (add players, choose level, start a game or view photos history or all the questions)
    edit : see last post for new design

    The photo gallery :

    The screen to choose truth or dare :
    edit : see last post for new design

  2. AndBzh

    AndBzh New Member

    A new version is available (For English and French).
    I have fix lot of bug (support 1.5 / 1.6 et little screen).
    I add also a new web gallery to share your best moment.
  3. AndBzh

    AndBzh New Member


    I've make a new version of my app.
    All the design are new.
    Lot of new truths and dares are integrated in the app.
    You can now take photos ingame and share them to other player (in a public gallery).
    You can show the public gallery in the app or on the web site : Truth or Dare .
    All truth or dare can be edited or desactivated (in the list).

    I've also make a new soft version of the app.

    New design :



    More information for download and use my app :

    The application is in English and in French. It's totally free.
    The QRCode :
  4. AndBzh

    AndBzh New Member

    Google has decided to suspend my application because of the image gallery. So here is a new version of the application. This is the same as before, but without the gallery (now only available on my website).
    I had reached approximately 200,000 users, I hope to see many of you participate.

    Here is the new QR code :

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