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Gameboid CrashingSupport

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  1. ScorchBlade

    ScorchBlade Member

    I just got my Aria on the 5th, and I want to say that I love it.
    I haven't rooted yet and I'm not sure I should (don't want to break it).
    Anyways, I got gameboid via the Sideloading Wonder Machine and downloaded gba_bios.bin. I put it into a folder and downloaded some popular roms. I tried Mario and Luigi: Superstar saga (even downloaded a different rom) and they both crashed at different places. I downloaded Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and it crashed too. Most of my roms I downloaded from my computer and unzipped then put them on my phone, but when I used the search feature that gameboid had, they gave me zip files (One of the superstar sagas and the only Chain of memories were both zips). Does it matter if the phone unzips them? Or are they just the roms that aren't working?

  2. ScorchBlade

    ScorchBlade Member

    Most of the time it exits to home randomly, but sometimes the sound messes up and it freezes. Harvest Moon just exited out on me. It says gameboid is still open, but it is at the load or search Rom screen.
  3. ScorchBlade

    ScorchBlade Member

    Please help, I really am trying to get this to work.

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