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  1. Sketchee

    Sketchee Well-Known Member

    Ah I see what you're saying. You don't need to open the file with Windows. Just copy it onto your phone some where. Then tell Gameboid where it is. :)

  2. will0978

    will0978 New Member

    Thanks so much, i was trying to open and save it but just copy and pasted so that worked :)
  3. sblaise84

    sblaise84 New Member

    i have grand theft auto advance and when i run it on gameboid, i can start a new game but after the cut scene with the two guys talking, the screen goes black and dumps me onto my home screen. every time. and i tried a different rom to make sure. anyone else having this problem?
  4. neumannator

    neumannator Well-Known Member

    so what games have you played on there that are awesome? i play pokemon lol
  5. Ataranine

    Ataranine Well-Known Member

    That's k. I got it free. :)

    Hahahah, funny how the cheaper one is still preferred in this case.
  6. Crimson Win

    Crimson Win Member

    Omg...... Great App!!!!
  7. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Well-Known Member

    OK so I just got gameboid and I have the bin file but it doesn't read the roms I have. The file extension is .rar?

    Should it be something else?

    Nevermind. It is a form of a zip file. got it extracted and loading roms as we speak.
  8. dhinkle16

    dhinkle16 New Member

    Has anyone got kingdom hearts to work for gameboid? Mine stops working on the first video screen...
  9. pferm201

    pferm201 New Member

    I'm pretty new with this GBA emulator could someone explain throughly how it works. I understand it plays old gameboy games but where do I get it. Is there a web site that I can go to download the games or do gthey come loaded. And does anyone knw if it has Pokemon
  10. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Well-Known Member

    If you go through this thread it tells you what you need to do almost step by step. Get the emulator find the gba_biso.bin file and put it on your sd card and find your gmes ending in .gba for the file extension. The rest you must do on your own. You are technically supposed to have the games to be able to use the Rom.
  11. johngrahamiv

    johngrahamiv Member

    This app has much potential. Unfortunately I have been experiencing crashes and sound issues. Seems to be oversampling. I hoped to give Yongzh some feedback but could not find a contact.
  12. Hellwÿck

    Hellwÿck Well-Known Member

    I have the lite version but it's not very responsive:

    eg: when I start to run in Mario, Mario will run but keep running and won't jump or turn back... Is this just for the lite version or is it on all Android emulators?
  13. johngrahamiv

    johngrahamiv Member

    When Yongzh fixes these bugz he will have best game app out there. We need to find a way to give him feedback.
  14. Chexmix

    Chexmix Member

    Has anyone gotten Megaman Zero to work on Gameboid? The intro is a bit glitchy - some graphics load and some don't - and then when you're supposed to start playing it just dumps you to a black screen where all you can see is the health meter and nothing else. Is it just a game that doesn't work, or is there anything I can do?

    Otherwise it's a great app, and I've had fun with Link to the Past even though I should really remap the buttons. :)
  15. Blackbrawler

    Blackbrawler Well-Known Member

    I think we should compile a list of games that Do and dont work on the First post. With a link to a wiki of the game or something and also color coded and later maybe even catergorize them by phone aswell.

    Green = Fully working runs at great speed
    Yellow= Partially working (excessive lag, random crashes, bad sound quality)/(resolution to problem if there is one)
    Red= Doesn't start at all or cant get past title screen

    So far the games that dont work for me are
    This will not only be useful to users here but the developer aswell.

    I'll just make a whole new thread.
  16. johngrahamiv

    johngrahamiv Member

    yeah good call.
  17. Hannan100

    Hannan100 Member

    Any GBA_BIOS.bin should work right? Because I have one on my SD card but whenever I select it in Gameboid, it just says "Loading Bios failed" and tells to browse for a bios. Any idea why?
  18. johngrahamiv

    johngrahamiv Member

    Blackbrawler's GameBoid Compatibility List thread
  19. iceman

    iceman New Member

    Just because you have it on your phone doesn't mean that gameboid actually accessed it... you need to browse your sd card and load the bios file through gameboid... if you already did this, and it still didn't work, the file is probably no good, and you'll need to find a different one that actually works...

    I also wondered if anyone has tried to link the gameboid with other emulators, or gameboys... someone asked earlier, and I never saw a response
  20. Hannan100

    Hannan100 Member

    I've tried 4 different bios's now and none of them work :mad:

    Step by step this is what I have been doing:

    -Open Gameboid
    -It tells me to either download or browse for a bios file
    -I click on browse
    -I go to the folder I have my bios and roms in
    -It says "No files in this folder"

    Have I done anything wrong?
  21. visualvalhalla

    visualvalhalla Well-Known Member

    What is the filename of your BIOS file? Did you unmount your phone from the PC before opening Gameboid?
  22. Hannan100

    Hannan100 Member

    Gba_bios.bin and yes I did.
  23. visualvalhalla

    visualvalhalla Well-Known Member

    Do you have Astro File Manager? link Install it and use it to verify the file is actually in the folder, and the file name is gba_bios.bin without any file extension behind the .bin
  24. Hannan100

    Hannan100 Member

    I used the file manager my phone came with to check it was in there and it definitely is called gba_bios.bin
  25. mcsyankees

    mcsyankees New Member

    Hey guys, i downloaded the bios just fine and got it loaded up. I tried to download roms and some said error. I then got a few to download and when i went to load Roms it didn't work. The ones that dowloaded say load rom failed. what can i do. I have astro and linda, but i don't know if i need anything else.


    I just got one of the games to work but it seems it is only from one of the websites, so if you have any advice to get the other sites to work that would be great I also only have the lite version

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