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  1. almiki

    almiki Member

    I am really happy with this phone in general, but I'm finding that games seem to crash randomly. No "Force close" dialog, they just crash back to the launcher screen. Anyone else seeing this?

    I see it on 2 games (out of 3 that I've tried). On Tetris (free version from the market), I can make it maybe 5-10 minutes in before the crash happens. On Plants vs. Zombies, same thing, it crashes randomly in the middle of playing a level. I captured the logcat output during a Plants vs. Zombies crash, but there doesn't seem to be much there:

    I/WindowManager( 2688): WIN DEATH: Window{40c13878 SurfaceView paused=false}
    I/ActivityManager( 2688): Process com.popcap.pvz (pid 6565) has died.

    Is anyone else seeing this? I'm wondering if I have a defective device. I'm assuming that if the issue happens on 2/3 of the games I've tried, it likely would happen on the majority of other games, so basically I can't play games on this device.

  2. almiki

    almiki Member

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  3. Cowtippa

    Cowtippa New Member

    I am having the exact same problem with those games.
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  4. senturus

    senturus Active Member

    damn i have the same problem with other games....
  5. Exit24

    Exit24 Well-Known Member

    This is a huge bummer for me, I was waiting to get this phone to start play some games. I have a Windows Mobile phone now, and the game selection is pretty bad. I hope it gets fixed soon.
  6. almiki

    almiki Member

    For what it's worth, I think you can get around the issue if you're willing to turn off sound effects in the game settings (might not work in all games).

    I hope Samsung fixes this soon. With the device being released on 3 carriers in the US, this bug will affect a lot of users and developers.
  7. Mcsqueege

    Mcsqueege New Member

    I have also been having the same problem with multiple games. I hope that this issue will be solved soon. I may have to rethink bringing this back and getting the new iphone if I can't play music or games with sound. That is terrible.
  8. wburbage

    wburbage Active Member

    I'm having the same issue on Plants vs Zombies and Airport Mania II. I tried turning the audio/music all the way down and they still shut off. Hopefully this is on someones list to fix.
  9. Stumper

    Stumper Member

    I am seeing the same issue on a few games as well. It has happened more than once on Zenonia 2 and Eternity Warriors. I wasn't sure if this was just me or what but I'm glad now that it's not!

    I did however turn off the music on Eternity Warriors and have not seen the issue since... Not sure how that would affect it or cause this but thought I would throw that out there...
  10. Drop Knowledge

    Drop Knowledge Well-Known Member

    Just installed Tetris to test and received the same issue. Definitely a bummer, as I was considering installing a PSX emulator to play some classics.

    Seems that this only applies to gaming apps, is this true? Haven't noticed any issues streaming music/videos.
  11. Ashenkhar

    Ashenkhar Member

    This has happened with me multiple times in Dungeon Defenders and Stand 'o Food 3. I can play maybe 5-10 minutes before it just crashes to the home screen. No force close. Samurai Warriors 2 has the same problem I think, but I haven't played that very much yet.

    This is very disappointing, as one of the reasons I wanted such a fast phone was for the gaming capabilities. I really hope that Samsung fixes this soon.
  12. Exit24

    Exit24 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone gotten a response from Sprint of Samsung on this problem yet? From all the info I've gathered from other threads, the international Galaxy S 2 had the same problem and was never fixed.
  13. KoukiFC3S

    KoukiFC3S Well-Known Member

    Same problem here. My game just freezes but I can still press the home button.

    It happened with Dungeon Defenders & Pollushot.
  14. Kori_Tamashii

    Kori_Tamashii Well-Known Member

    Happens to me too, with Random Mahjong.
  15. kilthro

    kilthro New Member

    I am really bummed out. This has been happening to me as well. At first I thought it was just the pinball game i was playing but I then grabbed tetris and it happened there as well. I hope they fix this. Anyone know of it officially being reported to Samsung/Sprint?
  16. sophie999

    sophie999 Active Member

    Same here, although works well without sound effects.

    I wonder if there is a audio codecs pack we can DL to improve the experience.
  17. Exit24

    Exit24 Well-Known Member

    I haven't heard any new information in a while. Does anyone know of the 2.3.6 update fixed this problem too?
  18. repinphilly247

    repinphilly247 Well-Known Member

    no, still happens with me when playing plants vs. zombies after the 2.3.6 update. It quits after 10 minutes or so. Extremely frustrating.
  19. 20alexi

    20alexi New Member

    I have Xperia Neo V and it also happens to me. When I play Backtsab, Modern Combat or generaly heavy games after 5 minitues it crashes and sends me back to home screen. I think that it possibly happens for two reasons:
    1. My phone reaches very high temperature (41 Celcius degrees)
    2. Due to the small 512MB RAM
  20. vickers500

    vickers500 New Member

    Post #3
  21. ron note2

    ron note2 New Member

    yes....i played fruit ninja game about 80% volume than the game crash....i down the volume to 10% than the game played smoothly...nothing problem at all...
  22. ron note2

    ron note2 New Member

    down your volume up to 10% and paly it again...see what happen...
  23. charliegaston

    charliegaston New Member

    I corrected the issue by changing 2 settings. Only changing 1 though may fix the problem: Go to settings > apps > Tetris. 1. Move the app to external storage. 2. Clear the cache. Clearing cache will not delete your credits or other important game history. Hope this helps. CG

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