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Support games for micomax a45 PUNK

  1. rishu

    rishu Well-Known Member

    hey guyszz suggest some games that can work well on micromax a45!!!!!:confused::confused:
    tried some but ntng works!!!!!:motz:

  2. OnoreDecayed0

    OnoreDecayed0 Active Member

    Try playing:
    - Tilt Arena
    - Drumkit
    - Russian Revolver
    - Skater Boy

    these are fun games to play with.
    It may not be graphic-intensive, but it's worth the play! ;)
  3. deepak89

    deepak89 New Member

    virtual tennis
    racing moto
    these are gud game to play and are functioning all right in my a45 .
  4. OnoreDecayed0

    OnoreDecayed0 Active Member

    Accually, I do have Speed3DX on my|phone, it's awesome!:D
  5. priyandroid

    priyandroid Member

    first root your phone and instal chainfire3d from playstore and instal qualcomm plugin
  6. rishu

    rishu Well-Known Member

    how to root a45???
  7. MMax_A45

    MMax_A45 Member

    You can search EA games like mass effect infiltrator, real racing, dead space, etc. if you really want HD gaming. Also try GT Racing Motor Academy, plays like charm....
  8. amit1123581321

    amit1123581321 New Member

    how to root a45?.....send link of root setup

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