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Games on the iphone that you want on your Android

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  1. pogiewun

    pogiewun Well-Known Member

    Tower madness

  2. jj718

    jj718 Member

    Gamelofts Midnight Bowling and Midnight Pool - the iphone versions, etc.

    Also EA's Dragon's Lair, Mirror's Edge & the iphone version of Monopoly, NBA Live 2010, etc..

    Uhhggggg....:mad:, , not the old ones I had on my Moto Razor..
  3. ranova

    ranova Well-Known Member

    Words with friends
    Popcap games
    Gameloft games
    EA Games
  4. Kabukiman

    Kabukiman Member

    The only thing I'm missing from my iPhone is "Tap Defense".

    I know all about Robo Defense and all the other tower defense games. I prefer Tap Defense out of 'em all though.
  5. :p Smack Talk & Bejeweled
  6. gp184

    gp184 Member

    words with friends
  7. ItzTaylorJ

    ItzTaylorJ Member

    Angry birds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Krislawl

    Krislawl Active Member

    touch grind
    AAA Gun Club 2 OR ANY GUN APP THAT DOESNT SUCK(such as every one on the market)
    tap tap revenge 3
    zombieville usa
  9. ludist210

    ludist210 Well-Known Member

    Rock Band Mobile.
  10. fearofth3dark

    fearofth3dark Well-Known Member

    They have that for iphone?

    Oh and I definitely have been waiting for words with friends.
  11. Akg2016

    Akg2016 Member

    that really cool blowfish game....
  12. skraam

    skraam Member

    K-Rally 3D
  13. fam

    fam Well-Known Member


    So much fun, so simple (even to design), really surprised its not out for android.
  14. dguy

    dguy Well-Known Member

    Command & Conquer Red Alert
  15. Mnemic

    Mnemic Member

    Right there with you. I doubt we'll ever see it on android though.
    "To Arms!"

    Also Plants Vs Zombies would be awesome. I think PopCap will port most of their stuff to Android.
    Gaming is Android's weakest link on the market, ironically android apps are fantastic, but if you think about it, thats why iphone Games do so well. Most iphone "apps" can't do anything beyond simple tasks.
  16. jebo_4jc

    jebo_4jc Active Member

    Android devs need to get their act together and release some of these games! We've been waiting for them forever!
  17. DozerN

    DozerN New Member

    Angry Birds (yes, me too)
    Beneath a Steel Sky
    Flight of The Amazon Queen
    Simon the Sorcerer (1 and 2)
    Monkey Island: SE (1 and 2)
    Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney
    Dark Nebula
    Fragger (similar to Angry birds, great fun)

    ... and probably a lot more, but this is what I could remember :D
  18. soupbandit

    soupbandit Member

    There's no point playing FF7-9 because I have that from psn...
  19. mr_notorious

    mr_notorious Member

    My list:

    Angry Birds (coming soon)
    Plants vs. Zombies (or other popcap games)
    Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
    Sam & Max (or other telltale games)
    Flight Control (coming soon)
    The Incident
    The Tower (iPad game)
    Gravity Hook

    and probably a few more here and there...
  20. AstralZero

    AstralZero Well-Known Member

    Final Fantasy
    Final Fantasy 2
    Choas Rings
    Broken Sword
    Money Island
    Beneath A Steel Sky
    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
    Angry Birds
    Plants vs Zombies

    Although being able to play FF7 on a PSX emulator beats all of those :) Is it stable?
  21. JubbaTheHutt

    JubbaTheHutt Well-Known Member

    Peggle - Plants vs Zombies - Angry Birds (hurry up already) - Dragon's Lair - Monkey Island - Clue - Scrabble
  22. fobio

    fobio New Member

    Anything and everything made by Gamevil.

    Oh and anything from Square as well.
  23. Roots283

    Roots283 New Member

    Pocket Legends. I want a legit 3D MMORPG in the WORST WAY!
  24. Exiled

    Exiled Well-Known Member

    Trism. :( Found an old .apk of it, but I don't think it was released by the original dev. anyways it doesn't work on my Droid X.
  25. Velhym

    Velhym New Member

    Yes please. Not a fan of Robo Defense.

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