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Games that dont use my data limit wile playing.

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  1. okottekoneko

    okottekoneko New Member

    My partner has only got 200mb on her plan per month for data, but having a galagy s2 she wants to be able to play games on it when we are not at home.

    is there any games you can guarantee wont use her data wile she plays them?

    something like bejeweled or angry birds?

    just some small time wasting game that she can play, but games that don't access the internet at all.

  2. don't play online game :D i am playing bejeweled angry birds.... without internet connection :D
  3. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Look for any games that don't require "Network Access" in their permissions. Or you could just turn 3G data off while you're playing Angry Birds or whatever.

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